Tuesday, May 26, 2009

storm repriced

Wearing out my old clothes
Here I am trying the new
Wading into my on spirit
I am turning up new paths

My shadow is no more here
I can feel dark in the sky

Till sky is waiting new son
Let me work up to shine

Everyone is unbelievable
Truth is still under grave
Lies lies every where
World is abounded with masks

Yielding to my own heart
I am now following myself
Winking at my fellows

I am turning against odds

Still putting out my self
Still going on pebbles
Looking out new sins
Going over my ancient times

Animal spirit inside me now
At daggers drawn with my days
Here I am once again
Turning aside my old ways

With veins filled with arctic blood
With arms holding reloaded guns
Here I am the freely falling god
Standing against merciless gazes

Aghast on my strong strength
Lines of fate are under shock
Living to get death on fresh day
I am deceitful more than them

Storms are whiling away time
By standing against my power
They still want to see means

More destructive than them

So called winners are near line
not knowing who is holding power
Kissing their girls more bitterly

Here I am again gaining control


paramveer said...

lovely readers,

here i am starting pouring my poems into blog-world once again.
FOR PREVIOUS POEMS visit bveer.blogspot.com

this is first poem(BETTER SAY "LYRICS") on this blog showing atitude of someone abandoned by everything n who is still standing against storms!!

poem is inspired from my favourite hero james bond......
if any line is not understandable plz write to me....

with love

rockfeather said...

I liked the way you have put out things..
next time you write try putting some punctuatuions.. It will further beautify your poem..

paramveer said...


thanks for liking this one!

and thx for suggestion too!....i'l keep it in mind next time!....

hope to c u again

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