Sunday, October 11, 2009

the proposal

let me dominate you on my dreams,
let me ruin myself for you!
let me fall in passionated love,
let me make you witness of my life!

some heavy strongest wire,
softly connected our mutual heart!
never broken,never loosen,
let me make it more strong!

holding your hand,holding your back,
let me dance with you till the sun downs!
laying near sparking water near river shore,
let me kiss you wildly till night longs!

whatever life will be,my dreams may break,
I shall still wait for you my lover!
to again and again dilute myself,
adorably and fully in you soul!

All those dates,those all days,
let me picture in happy memories!
let me make a propose to you,
will you be the witness of my life!

pic courtsey: littlemissromp

Sunday, October 4, 2009

25TH POST :) :) :)

This is my 25th post on this blog (I also used to engrave on my ex.-blog a long time ago and now a day when ever I find nothing to write I copy paste a post from that one to this one :P .Btw ek baar hi kiya hai ye copy paste!)
The best thing about this 25th post is that it is totally time pass post so if you have some other important work then please follow my suggestion and for god's sake, don't waste your time on bloggers :D !!And one thing if you dont know HINGLISH LANGO.Plz don’t read this post. You are not going to understand what you'l to read!!

By the way, "congrats!", koi to keh do yaar mujhe!

This post is not dedicated to any one! This is my blog, main kissi or ko kyuun 25th post dedicate karuun!!Still a small dedication to Ekam who tagged me again (yehi hai bass who tagged me not one but two times iskey alawa mere jaisi irregular species ko kon puuchta hai...hehehe)

So the tag is "Vella - panti .. 'About me' or tag??"

Eku mam wrote 18 points about her personality and now I am going to write 20 points(some points I have just copy pasted or modified from eku ….:P )

1. I just love my name. Even my favourite song is"you know my name" by chris cornell uncle composed for "casino royale" (is par bhi long discussion hogi kabhi). I think its the most sexiest name after james bond in the whole world. And it is. I know it :D

2. I am very jealous. I get very jealous when I see my friend specially best friend talking with his/her another friend/friends even without telling me anything(here definition of anything means that where he/she going? or whom he/she going to meet!?).At that time only reaction remain bitch/kutta kamina!!

3. I am very insecure.If you like me then I would not believe you unless I hear the word "I like you" 100 times.And I cant change this feeling... sorry!!

4. I can make friends very easily now-a-days but to be closer friends you have to avoid situation as discussed in point two! Mere saath chipkey raho and agar mujhe acha laga and apko bhi then who knows hum bhi close ho jayein. Ye close achey wala hai,otherwise India mein log close k kafi ACHEY meanings nikaal letey hain..;).

5. I got many persons in life whom I can proudly say,” you are my best friends.Jo bhi hai bass tu h mere liye.” (I would like to discuss separately in next point about best friends and close friends) and I know they are the best things ever happened to me. Friends I got through my blood relations, friends I got through academia and friends I got through web!

6. AB YEPOINT THODA SERIOUS WALA HAI. As a matter of fact I got 6-7 people who always remain clouded on my thinking. So whenever I meet anyone of them I say ,”you are my best friend”. This is because every one of them is so closer to my heart that if I am with anyone of them he/she come more nearer meeting my heart!
One of my close friends does not believe in best friends. If I see practically then she seems to be right. Everybody has only one friend and that is the almighty itself. And as I do not believe in any religion specifically that almighty is you yourself. No one is your best friend except you as Chris cornel uncle in song you know my name says,” ARM YOURSELF COZ NO BODY IS HERE TO SAVE YOU,ODDS WILL BETRAY YOU”. But I strongly believe in soul mates and they do exist! Every one born as half and there is someone who is other counterpart of you and you have to search him/her. Once you get him/her you will feel complete. I am still in the search of that soul mate!

7. I am a case of shot tirm memory! I usually dont/hate to remember contact number etc. as I think it useless.Mobile hai na!! Then whats the need to remember your contact!! huh???Also if i get some fight with you tomorrow I may meet you next day as if there was nothing happened last day iff(imphasize on double "f") you are my close one!

8. If you are innocent then I will be so with you. And if I find you a kamina person then either I will try to keep myself away from you nai to MUJHE KHUD KO BHI NAI PATA KITNA KAMINA HUUN MAIN!! Another thing is that if I find you innocent and then I find you kamina that means pakka without any complain I will go away from you world.

9. I love gifts. It’s a kind of show off but fir bhi I love gifts! I love to see smile on other’s face on getting pleasant surprise like it!

10. I am old fashioned in many ways but the other side of coin shows me a hyper trendy hot fashioned person. For example if my parents tell me that I must not drink alcohol coz it’s addictive, I will show them no! Alcohol is not addictive. I drank it 2 times and I am not in any addiction (okk! I did commitment to someone not to drink it again and EK BAAR MAINEY COMMITMENT KAR LIYA FIR TO MAIN APNI BHI NAI SOCHTA!!...:P )

11. If I am smiling on you then it never show my real approach towards you! MUJHE KHUDKO BHI NAI PATA KITNA KAMINA HUUN MAIN!(last movie I watched is wanted of salman khan uncle)

12. I am very lazy and very means very very very! Never come to my house without ringing my cellphone(ghar k bahar ghanti khjaraab hai!).Nai to mujhe bhi ni pata what you are going to think about my INTERNATIONAL look. Its 10:15 pm in my laptop and main bina nahaye jockey mein baitha huun subah sey!!Even last day when I was at gym to itni laziness thi that I came back after 20 minutes!Dont ask me whther I studied anything important today or not!

13. You may find me funny in some situation. But if I noticed that you find me funny toh teri to khair nai beta! Itna pakogey k shayad ek baar to you would think to suiside ...hehehe!!

14. I am a very fattu person in college. Without any proxy,I manage to get about 75-80% attendence. Jiss din meri attendence short ho gai to samajh lo no one is going to sit in the exams...:P. Another aspect of the coin is once I go to safe side(75%) and i notice it in lecturers registers then no way k class mein darshan de jauun!!

15. I dont talk too much if you are a starnger and I have no business with you!I can talk my business plus some flirty dialogues if I find you usefull!And I will just talk, talk and talk if you are close to me.

16.I was not that expressive in my life.But suddenly change came and now-a-day some people call me,"tu kuch bhi bol deta hai without thinking whether its going to hurt the another person or not!".

17. My taste of food always change!But one thing for sure,ghar ka khana is irreplasable!

18. I can cook anything(but baad mein you have to clean all utensils...i'l not do that) except roti!

19. I am addicted to these words: cool,hott,dosht,dusht,item,shonumonu,bhindi,kuttey,btw,yippiee.

20. I am addicted to blogging. Not that big addiction but I love to blog! It all started one year back when one of my orkut friend pulkit started blogging. I have not that big aspiration like him to be a writer but I just love writing and poems sometimes!!

21. This extra point is resrved for my latessht picture at chandigarh rock garden.I love photography and photographs.kya main james bond lag raha huun??

P.S.:Thanks for reading this 25th post.I know main kabada kar chuka huun apni be-ijjati ka and also of your precious time.Pehley btaya tha na k mat padhna!!
I hope key next time is blog pe aney se pehley you will think 100 times...:P

GUEST POET::Girish Vashisth aka Gagandeep Sharma

sotey hain toh sapney atey nahin
tutey jo hain khwaab jatey nahin
khula choda hai darwaja hamney
fir bhi milney log atey nahin
key patthar bhi rotey hain ghar mere
phoolon ney mehekana chhod diyaansu hi bhigotey hain aangan mera
badal ne barasna chod diya

kissi ne toh hamein pukara hota
agar gagan koi hamara hota
itni door na akeley hum chalney dete
bina dhuienki aag mein na jalney dete
sanson ka chalna na abhi band hua
iss din ne dhadakna chhod diya
ansu hi bhigotey hain aangan
badal ne barasna chod diya

koi hai jo kuch kehta nahin,
fir bhi bahut kuch sun leta hun main
mere dil ko bhi jinki khabar nahin
kuchh aisey khwaab bun leta huun main
bass pyaas hai ab uss sagar ki
har panghat pe theharna chhod diya
ansu hi bhigotey hain aangan mera
badal ne barasna chod diya

iss thandi pawan sey hai meri ladai
kehti main unkey ghar hokey aii
agar vo dil sey kehtey hain hum dengey saath
to kaisey hui unkey vahan barsaat
bahut kuch sikhaya hai bitey samay ne
abb yuun hi behakana chod diya
ansu hi bhigotey hain aangan mera
badal ne barasna chod diya
P.S.: The poem is a creation of my friend Gagandeep Sharma aka Girish Vashisth, who is a good poet;having his own philosophy about the life!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yippiee!!! With his new novel "TWO STATES:the story of my marriage" blockbuster novel writer as NY TIMES say him-'the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history.', Chetan Bhagat is coming this Diwali.Story is about a Punjabi boy and Tamil girls who are going to marry but love marriage in India is not that instant.As synopsis of book says:

"Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy. Girl's family has to love boy. Boy's family has to love girl. Girl's Family has to love Boy's Family. Boy's family has to love girl's family. Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married."

I am very excited about his fourth novel. For more updates about the novel and the prestigious gem author do visit his website:
Also he is on twitter with 10k followers!!!( ) yew rock sir!!!

A lill bit love without wax!!

The encrypted file has no decryption
that how am I so affectionate to you
challenging to the Bergofsky principle
what my love without wax all through
Courtesy:Plz read "The Digital Fortress".Wrote a long time before, after reading this great piece of art by Dan Brown!Hope to meet my Susan Fletcher soon!!..:P

Saturday, August 29, 2009


It is my Last drop of tears
Disappearing to fall so lonely
Both hands are wet and full
Looking any third to pick it

It is my Last drop of tears
Going away to halt my eyes
Sand will be only after that
Storming through my sighs!

It is my Last drop of tears
Crawling on my poor lids
Looking for you to catch
Going more and more down

It is my Last drop of tears
Is now dropping from eyes
Cheerless in absence of you
It is going to meet the soil

It is my Last drop of tears
Finally getting its destiny
Absorbed by ground finally
Where I have written your name

Saturday, August 22, 2009

bhindi v/s kaddu::chapter-2::

we a bunch of eight friends are enjoying every split second of our training session here in Gurgaon.The best but also worst ingredient of having training session with your other friends is the Isolation! You suffer isolation from other students who are getting trained with you. You have your own friends so you need not to get new ones. And as you have your own groupings, likelihood of making new friends in the training class room tends towards zero.

But, as it is always the part of character of all guys to scan every girl better than USA military satellite, I got my eyes on a girl in the class-room. She had very striking long eyes(as I am using word long, this means some kajal type thing is there in her eyes. And I just love to see them). She had very beautiful black hairs of U-trend held with help of black metal wire clip. I can notice some red pimples on girl's right cheeks and they look beautiful on not one hundred percent melanin free skin of her. Very clear pink dewdrop lips! which anyone can die for. . And Oops!...damn 33-23-35!! I just FIGURED her out on my mind when saw her last day first time.

Today she was in dark blue jeans and U.S. army shirt with matching military colored boyish sandals. I can notice even little things like the desi brand name-campus .I want to notice everything!

And now the most unbelievable thing: this is the same girls whom I met previous day!! Oh my gosh!!and I was imagining local bollywood movies full of such coincidences!

“ajj din chadhiya…tere rang warga…phool sa khil utha aaj din!!.........aggley har janam ch,ehi meri boti banugi,harleen kaur ya jo vi ida na hona! ”

I was just dreaming my heroin standing on the roof of her house and I staring her sitting on a close proximity bench. And then she moves her eyes away from me self-consciously.

Suddenly I felt someone touching my hand
“sleeping huhh?"
“errzgg……no sir,I was just watching on board in front of me!”
Students near by me were gazing at me and I was gazing at facilty!!
Gulati sir, our faculty had given a smile and resumed his class. But I can still feel that humiliation.
After class when I told the reality to my friend, everyone was laughing at me and I am still thinking how this all happened!!

P.S.:Hey by the way,forgot to tell you my name:Nayan Sharma.I am in 3rd year of my computer engineering without any back and my orkut profile says that I am 90%trustworthy,100% cool and 100% stunning!!:)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


1) Head Quarters of Tata Group Called?
Ans: Bombay House

2) India's first steel mill was built by the Tatas. In which year was it completed?
Ans: 1911

3) About 66% of the Tatas' capital is allocated by Tata Sons for which purpose?

Ans: Philanthropic trusts

4) What was the first Indian luxury hotel established by the Tatas?

Ans: Taj Mahal Hotel

5) The Tata group consists of how many companies?
Ans: 80

6) When did the World Bank come into being?
Ans: July 1944

7) Former Name of World Bank?
Ans: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

8) Which Asian nation was the first to get a World Bank loan?

Ans: India (on Aug 18, 1949 for Railway Reconstruction and Development.

9) Which organisation instituted the Nobel Prize for Economics?
Ans: Sveriges Riksbank (Bank of Sweeden)

10) Who is the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for Economics?
Ans: Amartya Sen (for his studies in Wellfare Ecconomics)

11) How many women have won the Nobel Prize for Economics since 1969?


Saturday, August 8, 2009


Vo ai thi tun ya chand gira hoga jameen par,
ik pyara sa dil liye ik pyari si murat!
hazaar rituon key baad bhi tun hai vohi,

shayad khuda ne fursat mein kiya hoga takalluf tera......

That was you who born or moon had fallen on earth,

One lovely heart being occupied within a lovely face.

Even after so many seasons, you are the same.

Maybe it took a lot of time of god to create you...

ban gai hain ons ki bundein moti,
jab chua hai tere kadmon ne inhein.
or fir subah ka lal suraj sharma gaya hoga,

dekh key chamak chehrey ki tere.........

The dewdrops are converted into pearls

When your feet has touched them.

And then the red sun of early morning got ashamed
subsequent to watch visage of yours.....

khushbuun se teri behka hai gulistan sara
or jal key khak ho gai kaliyan sari.
or kissi shayar ney fir kaha hoga:

key ye nuur na hoga or kissi mein.......

The whole garden gets mad with your aroma

and all other flowers has blister with jealousy

And then a poet thought yet again:
None can get this exquisiteness for a second time

teri julfon mein pal rahey hain sapney mere sarey
darr lagta hai kahin ud na jayein jindagi ki dhuup mein.
na dekha karo kissi or ko in ankhon se abb,

key bas gaya hai abb to mera jahan ankhon mein teri.....

In your hairs, my all imaginings are taking shape

And I am in the fear whether that got dull in the sun of life
How can you see anybody else with your eyes now!
when I had created my whole world within them

(8th august,2009 )

P.S.:A little dedication to my friend and class-fellow-Aditi Goel. I have prepared this another feminine and somewhat love poem not exclusively only for her but also for Bhindi of my story series as Adi is the co-author upto some extent of that story.We both usually talk a lot about mindset of girls. I prepared this poem at a very fast track.Thought about first line at 10PM;made 1st paragraph at 11:30PM and promised the b'day girl to write whole till the morning and here it was at 1:25AM.I know its not upto that level of poetry but still you have to appreciate me for such fast thinking..:).elsewise i create 1-2 poems per week....:( .

P.P.S.: and don't forget to pour your wishes for my co-author or more exactly critic!!

P.P.P.S: and my friend is sharing her birthdate with Roger Federer!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

testimonial to a sister

This poem is for a very special part of my life. My best friend, a great mentor, a heart that always speak with innocence, a mind which is much intelligent to beat anything if get chance, a cute sentimental expression and eyes you can't forget and one of best critics I got in lifetime.

Geetika its for yew dear,my testimonial for you.

Today, tomorrow and forever

I will be there to shade you in sun

Making you smile more and more

More than before, more than ever
Never trying come closer your heart

But trying to be present within it
Gaining room further and further

More than now, more than ever

2008,09,10,11……years will pass

Don't know when will be goodbye
But you will always be with me
If not as sister,than as daughter
Shiny sinless Chinese eyed face

I will never going to forget
Neither at 19, nor in the future


P.S.:Writing this all in a night full of agony. Missing my family and my sister(Manu) as its Raksha Bandhan today and first time I am away from family for such a long period of more than one month.Feeling like a shattered person who had not gone to meet family just because according to his foolish theory " YOU CAN BE MORE EMOTIONALLY STRONGER JUST BY GOING AWAY FROM YOUR LOVING ONES"..I am really in confusion whether its right or wrong but that's the way it is!!... :(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

bhindi v/s kaddu::chapter-1::

What a stunning beautiful weather! It was just like one more showery calendar day for me. Going back to PG after my coaching classes at NIIT. Ok, should I mentioned just coaching classes?!!?? I also do part time job there! I know those guys give me just some bucks for my damn 2 hours class, but its enough to pay off my all ILLEGAL activities with friends.

I must say not illegal as its just a little hangouts in close proximity malls(the only place we caught at Gurgaon for fun is air conditioned big brand shops and movies),phone bills AND BLA BLA BLA....Surviving in such big city with just a budget of 20K INR for 45 days was impractical for a name similar to me.

I was escaping water as much as achievable. Don't want to fritter away my time washing clothes at hell pg toilet cum washroom.
I still committed to memory my first encounter with cloth washing this Sunday when I washed my one jean in half hour. Thanks to Gautam who lent a hand me after-wards and I had learnt to be more rough while washing clothes....Just beat them as hard as you can!

“you m0!h#@ f@#$3r!!Cant you drive carefully? Scrapped my clothes and face.”

“oye helloww!!”
What's that? HE was a girl and the best part was on karizma bike in a fury of about 60km/hrs on that rough road!!
“Its your duty to safeguard yourself”, she moved her head on my side. Hmm metropolitan bitch!!

Fair complexion girl with no melanin on face; wearing a leather jacket; with some bob cut hairs!
cool, is she coming after robbing the SBI bank nearby ?”,I said to myself.
Whatever, being wet suits all girls and she was looking damn beautiful and rock-diva beyond my imagination.

“errjrr....Is it your father who owns this road?”,I was somewhat softer than before. After all I was feeling SOMETHING(yew know what!!) about her inside. But still I should be more softer on that last sentence ;).

“You asshole! Isn't it your fault?”,she just pissed off on someone from a distance while having one hand on her hairs.Thank gosh! Nobody was in the street that time except two of us!
OOPS!!Is she really a girl? Then she biked back to me in hurry as if some fireman comes to jet water on fire. By the way, fire had already ignited inside me by that fire-woman!

“oh I am really sorry!”,with some spongy feminine voice she said this time. Still again I was gazing at her not because of her sexy wet face but coz of expressions too!! It was the same girl who puked out that ‘A.H.’ some era before?
Now what was that man! She too started gazing at me back with her gigantically big eyes filled with so much “I wanna F*** with you” kinda feeling. Am I doing shooting of some porno movie? “its ok, miss!”,I replied back. “Hey if you don’t mind you may give your tee and jean to me n take my jacket with you” So sweet! That what happen with some moneyed girls many time:”more money-less mind”!I am just walking on the road at Gurgaon with biscuit and some eatables in my hands and it all means my place is just nearby. Still she is becoming so easy with me. Am I living in some heaven with a hot damn foolish (wo)man?
“I have seen you at NIIT classroom, near the reception room. You are faculty there na? ” Now things were making some sense. I just didn’t fancy for washing those soiled tee and jeans. So I asked her to hang around there as PG is just 5 step ahead. “ok miss, then return it before Friday. This is one of the best shirt of mine and there is some party on this Friday. You know ?” “Okiesss!!.” It was still raining outside and I was talking to her for the last 25 min.
“see yew there! And you look good with set-wet hairs and goggles! Bye”
Ohk! That’s why she was powerless to be acquainted with me from mere distance. I think she want to be some more wet. Is it for me? the whole thing was just more than perfect..surely heaven!! And I was walking in the heaven wearing my black john-player kapree and her jacket!

to be continued........

P.S.:any flaw,lemme know!!
work of fiction with some non-fiction mixed!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


1. Owl is the only bird which could see the color blue.

2. Parrots and rabbits could see their back as they also have eyes at their back.

3. Humming birds can also fly backwards.

4. Butter flies taste with their feet.

5. A male moth can identify a female moth easily even it is a mile away from it

6. Snails have nearly 25,000 teeth.

7. Baby elephants can drink over a 80 litres of milk a day.

8. Lizards are the only living-being which doesn't drink water throughout it's life.

9. Dogs are very friendly with humans than with dogs themselves.

10. In Africa termites are fried and eaten just like popcorn.

P.S.:I know i am not that regular anywhere in these is just messed up being a paying guest!But still i give a great thanks to all those who pour-up comments in this space and who have become my followers.I got 28 followers in 2 months and its quite more than what i thought.

P.P.S.:i am going to soon start story-telling here from the next month.working on that!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dreams and me #2

Shaking hands with smiling face,
In this fashion, in that fashion.
Every date we meet together,
In this tushan, in that tushan.

Always merry, whole day cheery,
Wasting every penny on each other.
This fun sharing, those cool sharings,
Never carve up hassles of each other.

Sometimes specials come closer too,
Deluges of temptations transpire.
Thoughts of their become piece of life,
Beautiful associations then conspire.

Always weeping,whole time crying,
When we separate for forever.
Thinking to meet again in life,
We say them we friends forever!

Then they soon befall hazy memories,
Then they just come in our dreams.
Shaking hands with smiling face,
In this fashion, in that fashion.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

in your memories

Though eyes want to go dead for world
no sleep,no peace,what this passion
still I want to hold you within my words
not in amnesia, but need your compassion

Giving me pain, laying within me
yours and mine old aged memories
standing within sweet cold breeze
making my heart swing in hurries

When I was living with thrust
you come to drawn me within ocean
drowning me within your first kiss
can still feel your lips on mine

The young morning is arriving again
yet no sleep, no peace in my stares
just want to hold moments in my verse
but without you love!feeling no flair

P.S.: I am busy at Gurgaon,Delhi for training(and discovering new places...hehe) currently and internet is no where economical here. So no condition to access your blogs. Pardon me if I annoyed you. I'll come back in August. Till then enjoy old and fortnight posts.
Distinctly yours,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dreams and me #1

yet not life is so apprehensive,
not so clean.........not so with enigma,
not so fancy on which I go naive,

still I view a second life.

a life so bitter like sorrows of bush,
so tasty like poems of mine.
my queens,
my real dreams
all meet me every night
under my eyes in my dreams.

P.S.:This was the first poem I had written on "Dream" theme and posted @ on 9/7/2008 . Not such a big poem this is. Just posting to initiate the label DREAMS on this blog.


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Last night I have watched the movie Chicago.I have watched the movie second time.When I out looked Chicago first time,I did not like it as it seems to be too girly movie in many scenes. But watching it again was a great pleasure, director Rob Marshall proved me wrong. The whole plot was just fantastic.Especially Richard Gere's performance was one of the best!

Roxie Hart(Renee Zellweger) always want to get stage and she spends her nights dreaming about "all that jazz" and wants to be a big star.Fred Cassely(Dominic West) made her to go under "casting couch". After using her,he reveals that he has no connections in showbiz.Drunkard Roxie shots Cassely dead. Roxie is sent to jail where she meets Velma Kelly(Catherine Zeta Jones) who has committed double murder and is currently getting large attention from media.Mrs. Morton,warden of the jail offers Roxie to give services of iconic lawyer Billy Flynn(Richard Gere).Billy was more than a legal lawyer and he always remain in media attention due to his "tabloid darling" clients.Billy just give many twist to story of her and represent her as the "cutest and innocent murderess" Chicago ever had.Roxie and Billy play a lots of trick to get all media attention and finally Roxie and Billy convinces all jury to give verdict to her side.


1."Razzle Dazzle them" song,Gere's tap dance and consequently showing the trial during the last minutes of movie was really fascinating. One of the best scenes i have ever seen.Specially how they use Roxie's diary in the climax was amazing.
2. Pregnancy conspiracy crafted by Roxie was another amazing act in the film.How cleverly she uses her innocent and cute look will make a smile on your face for sure.
3. Billy's intro song "All I Care About is Love" and another song "we both reach for the gun" are immence package in the movie. At last I advice you all to enjoy this movie...a must watch! Imdb gives Chicago 7.3 out of 10.


i would have come back

Green would have yielded on drought,
if some blood had sweated out.
I would have come back to you,
once if you had called from your spirit.

Heart is not meant for breakage,
but some corner still feels hurt.
No tear comes outside eyes,
but still there is throat puree.
Neither sky no earth was for me,
couldn’t you try beneath me in heart.
I would have come back to you,
once if you had called from your spirit.

Immature sea got gloomy waves,
got lost somewhere Helm of mine.
The more I come closer to you,
distances were more and more grown.
We would have taken hold on the waves,
if I had gotten a seat on your boat.
I would have come back to you,
once if you had called from your spirit.

Then I will return in the spring,
green waves will be out again.
But where I get that buddy at moment,
which will come after you in my square?
Spring would not have transpired the autumn,
if gardener had not cheated me.
I would have come back to you,
once if you had called from your spirit.

image courtsey: deviantart

Monday, June 22, 2009


This is my effort to bring some of latest SMS' that pour into my cellphone to put here in front of you.Hope you will enjoy them and too forward them to show your emotions for nears an dears!
You can also request me what kind of SMS you want to see in this space.I will keep your request in my mind next time...LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Jihde layi asin Maran layi si tyaar, Oh kehnde yaar taan mazak karde ne, Jad asin mar ke vi vikha dita, oh Kehnde saade te taan lakha Marde Ne...

Few mor colors in d rainbo of ur LIFE, Few mor stars in ur nvr endin sky, Huge suces in whtever u try, 2 ur way my wishes always fly. gud mrng. . :-) :-) :-)

To walk is easy but to walk alone is tough. Being missed by sum1 is nice but missing sum1 is painful. So dont miss any1 in ur life. STAY CONNECTED ALWAYS..!

Life is too short. So, follow some rules: Forgive quickly, Believe slowly, Love truly, Laugh loudly & never avoid anything that makes U smile.. Gd n8:-)
BEST SLOGAN SEEN ON FAMOUS BEAUTY PARLOR...dont whistle at d gurl goin out frm here she myt b ur GRANDMOTHER..!!!!
Evry moment of ur LIFE is a picture which u had nvr seen be4 n nvr which u wil nvr see again.So enjoy n live life & make each moment beautiful!Gud mrng :-)
Aaj bhi unki najro mein raaz wahi tha,
chera wahi tha, chere ka libas wahi tha,
kaise usko bewfa keh du yaaro,
aaj bhi unke dekhne ka andaj wahi tha..
Easy 2 get som1 who will LOVE U, Easy 2 get som1 who will LIKE U, Easy 2 get som1 who will CARE 4 U, But rare 2 get som1 who will UNDERSTAND U.. gd ñt,tc.....!

Bell is soundles
Until sum1 rings it,

Song makes no sense
Until sum1 sings it,

Hide ur feelings

thy'r not cald feelings until othrs feel it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


"It's not the geography that makes us listen to musicians.... It's their music."

One of my friend wished me today happy world music day.I searched on net about it and here is some info I got:

ORIGIN: In 1976,the idea came into the mind of American singer Joel Cohel. Later on idea was employed by French national radio channel French Musique. On the occasion of summer solstice Cohen offered them all night music celebration.The idea was later on grown by music industry in 1980s to promote the music of all kind and of all languages.


1.) To encourage amateur musicians. So today you can got into your street and play your guitar.:)

2.)Many free concerts are organised to make variety of music of all world accesible to masses.

I am posting the trailer from latest Bollywood movie Love aaj Kal . The music of movie is not so original as many tunes I have listened before too but it gives some freshness inside. After a long time I have litened the track on the tune of which I can dance.Music of the movie is going to release on 25th and I am waiting for this!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

book review: of course i love you

"Imagination seldom runs wild, but when it does, you have a book."
And I must say the book runs very wild!

Those are the last lines of my third novel I read in my lifetime and I must say I read it whole! Even I have managed to escape some pages in between of my first two read outs: "5 point someone.." and "three mistakes of my life."


I started reading this book last winter but left after reading some initial pages that I found full of some B-grade movie kind of stuff!But now it is June and I have grown my MIND to somewhat more than before! Yes . Now I am old enough to think about the THINGS(or truly saying I have to!) and what Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja have written seems to be happening everywhere!(sorry if you still living in some childhood!)

The whole story orbits around Deb, his love affairs,his friends and Delhi locations. The mechanical engineering student seems to be going together with the words of my mechi seniors that they told us in first year," Mechanical branch students don't have even a single girl in their class room but trust us...half of the girls sitting in your class room will be with them!" ok mechi rocks! Compu sucks! happy??!!

I read the whole book except that half page where Debashish explains those 25 sheets in front of his seniors and puke off the same lines as told by his best friend after college , Amit.
I think Amit is the only good thing that happens with him. Before that he had a long (but not too long..heh) list of night outs,fishing, breakups and a damn bad college life! And technically he F^^^ed his engineering degree for girls!

A must read but still I cant understand some pages specially: Deb finally gets a stable job and that too as a junior to Avantika, what would be their life after 5-6 years; the costume event! ; Vernita proves to be a girly character at the last night of college(k I have no doubt she is but not that typical kind of girl!);and character of Avantika's ex; and also how can Avantika become a black chapter of her boyfriends' life?

Books starts with Samriti, an average typical Indian girl. Page 161 ends with some unexpected and harsh break up with Avantika with whom he had the best time of his life, who was his first love in the 8 years life of puberty and with whom he wanted to spend the next 80 years of his life! And at last page......................ohk buddies I am not going to tell the end,page 261.

Just grab a copy and read it, afterall it will just cost you Rs. 100 only! According to blogspot space of the book , already 20,000 copies were sold in the first four months(till December 2008).

And i am waiting for the next by author "NOW THAT YOU'RE RICH..!"

P.S.: I know you all love my work. Then why not you click the button saying"FOLLOW". It will surely boost up my confidence to post some more cool things otherwise You may also suggest me about my flaws. I'l love to listen from you.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


This one was the best for the week.I played with many friends and had a great time.Now you can also try...if wanna play with me then comment.
Rapidfire round!
Jo dil me pehla word aae fill kar dijiye
plz.... Rply
me waiting.

A famous writer said "Love is like a long sweet dream" and Marriage is an alarm clock... SO have sweet dreams til ur alarm wakes u up
The True Measure Of A Person Is Not How Well He Prepares For Everything To Go Right, But On How Gracefully He Stands Up & Moves On After Everything Goes Wrong !!!
If u feel little bored,
little sick,
little sad,
all lost,
u know wat is wrong?
U R suffering frm deficiency of
vitamin "ME";-)
Heart Of Boys R Like a Temple !!


Thats Why,

When Boys Say..
'I Love You'..





Girls Remove Their Slippers.;-)

FEELING is a painting never spoil it.
FACE is a book-try 2 read it
LOVE is precious-be ready 2 sacrifice 4 it
& FRIENDSHIP is mirror-never break it...!
A genius is a person who can do wid $1 what a fool does wid $100. Just as we complete our syllabus in 3 days and our teachers try in 6 mnths....

P.S.: plz guide me if i m not right. just posting these sms' coz i love smsing a lot. If you feel that this series would degrade my blog's grace then plz inform me..............i may halt it on readers' suggestion.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


What's the wrong with Bebo?
If I be keen on call you so
What's the wrong with it
That I am nutty about you!

Whole world is holding capacity
In the soft touch of your hands
By the purity of your heart
entire soul of mine just glitters

Touch of your charm voice
glance of your foot tap
Everything is so beautiful
Then how can one catnap!

Nap is a distant infatuation
When there is no dream
Then what is the wicked?
If I dream of you Bebo!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Going on pathways called broken dreams

I saw some distant faces under the mist

Some face was bursting with joy

Little hands were playing with toy

One face was chock-full of moods

Playing with some adolescent friends

Another face was viewing dreams

Dreams of love and he was keen

Someone was running in front of me

Trying to catch some secret desires

Another one was smiling on me

Heartful mirthful that look was

Jealousy on them all, I went near

Still running on sorrowful ways

No! no! no! impossible it was!

All of them were of same visage

Coming to sweep out my weeps

Then I acknowledged what I was

June 3,2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

allah walo-ram walo

Preparing for my examination, when felt turn off I just plugged in my earphones and started listening some music as I do often (I hate study and specially when concerned with cramming).This song swayed me to listen it 3-4 times repeatedly.

Distracted mentally by current horrible and shocking mass activities happened around my city and in some parts of north India, this song shows what a common man who even cant have time for himself want to say all forces who work for destruction of our secular country.

Song is in the voice of well known Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann from his very popular album Punjeeri.
Allah Walo, Ram Walo
aapne Mazhab ko
siyasat se bacha lo
Mandir Masjid kabhi
fursat main bana laina
jo nafrat se toote hain
woh ghar to bana lo
Allah Walo, Ram Walo
aapne Mazhab ko
siyasat se bacha lo...
Beej nafrat ke khaito main ugane walo
kaatne khudh hi parain ge eh zamane walo
Allah Walo, Ram Walo
aapne Mazhab ko
siyasat se bacha lo

Bachke rehna oh lakri ka aashiyane walo
khudh bi jall sakte ho auro ko jalane walo
Allah Walo, Ram Walo
aapne Mazhab ko
siyasat se bacha lo

aapne ghar ke chatt ko
tum bacha ke rakhna
jo parosi ki deewar ko girane walo
Allah Walo, Ram Walo
aapne Mazhab ko
siyasat se bacha lo

Ek rehne do shaheedo ka tiranga jhanda
rooz naye jhande main dande ko
phasane walo
Allah Walo, Ram Walo
aapne Mazhab ko siyasat se bacha lo
aapne Mazhab ko siyasat se bacha lo
aapne Mazhab ko siyasat se bacha lo

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

storm repriced

Wearing out my old clothes
Here I am trying the new
Wading into my on spirit
I am turning up new paths

My shadow is no more here
I can feel dark in the sky

Till sky is waiting new son
Let me work up to shine

Everyone is unbelievable
Truth is still under grave
Lies lies every where
World is abounded with masks

Yielding to my own heart
I am now following myself
Winking at my fellows

I am turning against odds

Still putting out my self
Still going on pebbles
Looking out new sins
Going over my ancient times

Animal spirit inside me now
At daggers drawn with my days
Here I am once again
Turning aside my old ways

With veins filled with arctic blood
With arms holding reloaded guns
Here I am the freely falling god
Standing against merciless gazes

Aghast on my strong strength
Lines of fate are under shock
Living to get death on fresh day
I am deceitful more than them

Storms are whiling away time
By standing against my power
They still want to see means

More destructive than them

So called winners are near line
not knowing who is holding power
Kissing their girls more bitterly

Here I am again gaining control

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