Sunday, July 26, 2009


1. Owl is the only bird which could see the color blue.

2. Parrots and rabbits could see their back as they also have eyes at their back.

3. Humming birds can also fly backwards.

4. Butter flies taste with their feet.

5. A male moth can identify a female moth easily even it is a mile away from it

6. Snails have nearly 25,000 teeth.

7. Baby elephants can drink over a 80 litres of milk a day.

8. Lizards are the only living-being which doesn't drink water throughout it's life.

9. Dogs are very friendly with humans than with dogs themselves.

10. In Africa termites are fried and eaten just like popcorn.

P.S.:I know i am not that regular anywhere in these is just messed up being a paying guest!But still i give a great thanks to all those who pour-up comments in this space and who have become my followers.I got 28 followers in 2 months and its quite more than what i thought.

P.P.S.:i am going to soon start story-telling here from the next month.working on that!


Esther said...

That was sweet, I didn't know about the lizards that they live without water. BAD! But thanks to your blog now I know. Nice post.

And yeah, cheer up even if life seems a lil messed.

Ekam said...

"Owl is the only bird which could see the color blue."

U mean no other bird can see the colour blue?? :o

Didn't know any of these facts. Thanks for sharing:)

Dulce Rosales said...

Beautiful.You are one of my favourites.- ever seen my blog? i'd love you did and gave your opinion about it....
Thank you!

paramveer said...

yeah...i m cheering up!!!it was raining today and we friends had a great time in the nearby park

paramveer said...

thx for giving ur presence after long tym....tere ko dhakke se lana padta h!!!///;)

paramveer said...

@dulce rosales

thx miss...and i'l surely check out ur blog.

thx for coming on my orkut profile
thx for making me ur!!

Butterfly Thoughts said...

whoooo. that was so much facts I never knew.Lizards dont have water in their entire life..amazing..and ya dont worry life is sometimes a mess or most of the times.. but everything falls in place:-)

paramveer said...

yeah..everything seems to be good now...thx

Dhanya said...

Ugh@ termites being fried and eaten...

How gross!

Femin Susan said...

Very informative... Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for showing the typing mistake.

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

hope that the tough phase passes b very quickly.. and some good facts there.. thanks for sharing..

paramveer said...

yeah thats so!!

paramveer said...

@femin susan
yew r my old need to say thx..:)

paramveer said...

thx for becoming my follower.....regards!!!

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