Friday, November 11, 2011

She is a dichotomy

Sometimes wounds my sentiments,

She sometimes soothes my compassion.

Her small eyes are my life,

But then she slants them in shyness.

She lives in my heart,

But I found her sitting so distant!

She walks through my dreams,

Just to disappear in the early dawn.

Then I feel her in early morning,

I always have some imputation of her aura!

There is a connection;

a shackle between our spirits,

This never allows her to be parted!

But still she is a dichotomy,

Hurting my sentiments and then-

Soothing them!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Color of my figments

When you were not there to make me strong,

I had a vim and vigor, resembling aimless throng.

In half closed eyes, I felt for your trace.

Yours those winey eyes with that cute face!

Yes! My figments had color of your heart.

We realized our dreams, hand in hand,

And brought about together glories unfazed,

We invented our divine climates of rain,

Then you kissed my lips, made me insane.

My strengths went on moon unshaken!

Now after you, my world looks unshaped,

I still sense you in my dreams, hand in hand.

Our middle-night glories are still sky high,

As if you are inveterate piece of all my sighs.

Yes! My figments have color of your heart.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my unrequited love

Finally a tear has been fallen on my desk,

Over the book, accounting our love.

A desire was there to meet you once again,

Fancy for hurting myself, one more time-

with only the ignorance of yours, to regain.

Still let me close the paperback,

To lay over, my tranquil head.

Your voice being penetrated through my ears,

Oh my beloved! Yet it is the ultimate respite-

to hear my core, soothing all my fears.

Now I am alone in our love-lorn library,

But It’s not so long when I stopped loving you,

So, come! Whisper the charming lullaby in my ears,

Again, I want to sleep under the shades of my dear.

Distinctly yours,

Paramveer Saini


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