Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Every night I remain lonely, thou,
Every night these distances collide.
Every night I feel the new bond.
Every night we hang on phone line.
Every night I propose you.
Every night you agree to.
Every night I feel your aroma.
Every night I feel new breath.
Every night I get under your arms.
Every night I finger your hairs.
Every night nose touches your dimple.
Every night I feel your lips.
Every night I kiss your eyes.
Every night I sense your heartbeats.
Every night I bestow you my worship.
Every night I give you my life.
Every night we get hands in hands.
Every night we spend together.
Every night we fall in fresh devotion.
Every night I feel same wind of love.
Every night I feel you crawling.
Every night your grace becomes my bed.
Every night I do not “dead to the world”.
Every night I coz, become “daydreamer”.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Only at the end of life
I will halt,
So don’t try to push me
If I pause!

I usually become speechless
Still I think
Hence don’t try to tear against me
If I am quite!

Events always saddens me,
Who is happy always?
So don’t throw fake smiles,
Just for my happiness!

I don’t know how to cry
as tears are not part of my life
Thus I don’t need your shoulders
Even at peak of glooms!

Still I need an ally
Indeed like you
Just who will be my side?
Till my ultimate pause!!!!!

P.S.: Dil kyun ye mera shor karey....
Idhar nahin, udhar nahin.....teri ho or chaley!!
Great song from Kites!I just love it!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A bestial night

DISCLAIMER: The content of the article contains images not appropriate to the minors.Author's intention is not to indulge the reader into any obscenity.The verses here depicts intimated love and describes other side of author: a passionate person who lives life in full motion!

The perpetual pyromania for twingy night,
stupendously sharp and bestially unhealed.
fraught with yours soft tendering voice,
narcissism apparition with innumerable zeal!

With provincialism to ravage each other,
we going beyond posthumous solace.
No obstacle in-between,exuding holocaust,
mutual gorges like a holy defiled instance!

Moonlight passion,the holy intimation.
Frenzied night and a razing matriarch.
Un-tranced impenitent, concentric motion.
Stupefying sensation and two synergistic arcs!

Jadu chaya hai charon taraf mere,
raat ka nasha had se gujar janey ko hai!
Bikharney ko tadafti hai unki shakhsiyat,
aaj fir ruuh unmein samaney ko hai!!

"Ghum sum shum sum pyar da mausam,aj na dard jagavi!
halki barse badli,sajna duur na javi!"
Rahat fateh ali khan is a maestro and collaboration of sukhvinder shinda makes the song so majestic. A must listen number!!

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