Friday, April 23, 2010


Only at the end of life
I will halt,
So don’t try to push me
If I pause!

I usually become speechless
Still I think
Hence don’t try to tear against me
If I am quite!

Events always saddens me,
Who is happy always?
So don’t throw fake smiles,
Just for my happiness!

I don’t know how to cry
as tears are not part of my life
Thus I don’t need your shoulders
Even at peak of glooms!

Still I need an ally
Indeed like you
Just who will be my side?
Till my ultimate pause!!!!!

P.S.: Dil kyun ye mera shor karey....
Idhar nahin, udhar nahin.....teri ho or chaley!!
Great song from Kites!I just love it!!


Butterfly Thoughts said...

Are you sad. i felt a bit sad after reading the poem. But it was good. reminds of someone whom you have lost...may be.

hary!! said...

sorrowful eh? ending was simply touche!! ...blogrolled yu...! :)

paramveer said...

hmmm...a little bit sad you can say!
xam s are no frns around....resting at home...all blue!!..:(
also i was reading "OF COURSE I LOVE YOU...BY durjoy datta n manvi ahuja"...
i was a lillbit sad in the mid of the novel about the hero!! just written some sad stuff!!

paramveer said...

@ hary

thax buddy...hope 2 c you in my space again!!!!..:)

Anonymous said...

i very much liked this poem ... will be keeping a check on this blog now .. :)

paramveer said...

@pretty me
thx dearie for feedback!!.....lots of love!!..:)

Angel said...

Well written.. nice tempo of verses.. and feel was awesome..
Will keep a check on this blog now..:)
Hope you will follow my blog too...

paramveer said...


hey thx for appreciation n so for following me.....lOL

i'l see soon on ur blog
keep coming

rockfeather said...

Nicely written.. kinda touching.. but it somehow gave me the feeling you were a little bothered about rhythm.. I could be wrong but the next time you write, write freely. You will feel the poem blooming by itself..

paramveer said...

originally i write poems in no particular rythm in my diary....but during editing i ad sthing to make it rythmic......

just coz i think ppl lv rythmic poems more as i think!!

thx for suggestion matters a lot

hope to c u again in my space

Anonymous said...

I love poems.

paramveer said...

thx for the add and ur welcome on my MPA!!...Hope u'l have gr8 time here

paramveer said...

@ all

sorry for reposting!!....trying something different!..i love this poem. :)

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