Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Every night I remain lonely, thou,
Every night these distances collide.
Every night I feel the new bond.
Every night we hang on phone line.
Every night I propose you.
Every night you agree to.
Every night I feel your aroma.
Every night I feel new breath.
Every night I get under your arms.
Every night I finger your hairs.
Every night nose touches your dimple.
Every night I feel your lips.
Every night I kiss your eyes.
Every night I sense your heartbeats.
Every night I bestow you my worship.
Every night I give you my life.
Every night we get hands in hands.
Every night we spend together.
Every night we fall in fresh devotion.
Every night I feel same wind of love.
Every night I feel you crawling.
Every night your grace becomes my bed.
Every night I do not “dead to the world”.
Every night I coz, become “daydreamer”.


Mayz said...

nicely put dude...i go thru d same every night!!

PULKIT said...

Mr Night day dreamer... Get some sleep too!
from ur post...I can make out...U have been just like me, an insomniac :P for ages...

PULKIT said...

oyee... sorry!
wrong comment got posted at ur page by mistake...
pls dont approve the "vision waali comment"........ I was posting it on a political page blog and galti se yahan type kar di :P

paramveer said...

@mayz like me??!!

paramveer said...

@pulkit not like you bro!

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