Friday, November 11, 2011

She is a dichotomy

Sometimes wounds my sentiments,

She sometimes soothes my compassion.

Her small eyes are my life,

But then she slants them in shyness.

She lives in my heart,

But I found her sitting so distant!

She walks through my dreams,

Just to disappear in the early dawn.

Then I feel her in early morning,

I always have some imputation of her aura!

There is a connection;

a shackle between our spirits,

This never allows her to be parted!

But still she is a dichotomy,

Hurting my sentiments and then-

Soothing them!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Color of my figments

When you were not there to make me strong,

I had a vim and vigor, resembling aimless throng.

In half closed eyes, I felt for your trace.

Yours those winey eyes with that cute face!

Yes! My figments had color of your heart.

We realized our dreams, hand in hand,

And brought about together glories unfazed,

We invented our divine climates of rain,

Then you kissed my lips, made me insane.

My strengths went on moon unshaken!

Now after you, my world looks unshaped,

I still sense you in my dreams, hand in hand.

Our middle-night glories are still sky high,

As if you are inveterate piece of all my sighs.

Yes! My figments have color of your heart.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my unrequited love

Finally a tear has been fallen on my desk,

Over the book, accounting our love.

A desire was there to meet you once again,

Fancy for hurting myself, one more time-

with only the ignorance of yours, to regain.

Still let me close the paperback,

To lay over, my tranquil head.

Your voice being penetrated through my ears,

Oh my beloved! Yet it is the ultimate respite-

to hear my core, soothing all my fears.

Now I am alone in our love-lorn library,

But It’s not so long when I stopped loving you,

So, come! Whisper the charming lullaby in my ears,

Again, I want to sleep under the shades of my dear.

Distinctly yours,

Paramveer Saini


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

tea of success

When the wit was sleepy,
But studying like a geek,
A heart was thundering hard,
Wondering like the one freak.
To be present-
Amongst most shining stars,
To be on a planet:
fascinating than the Mars.
And then wonder came one day,
When all toil got publicized.
Conquest stood so tall-
as exulting towards new heights.
Then on dread heart,
red flowers of success falls.
And thrilling journey finished-
with the prestigious call.
Having Maggie of joy,
At 2am, I am sitting in our proud mess,
Writing this another story,
enjoying the cup of tea of success.

Distinctly yours,
Paramveer Saini

Thursday, June 30, 2011

obdurate taciturn

Something is there, dark matter,

full of deep staggered meaning.

Particles those are darker than the black,

Devils which we keep buried safe within.

Which we never want to produce,

Vicious ooze which should never exude.

Under the tone of multihued sparkles,

Yes, in the out-coming serene smiles.

A reflection of other side of money,

Simulation to sagacious disharmony.

It is this darkness of egregious soul,

Darkness of a shallow brain’s notion.

Tinted black and shimmering foul,

Wording out our obdurate taciturn!!

Written in association with a potential writer Shilpi Sharma

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

चाय की एक प्याली

बनाई थी आज चाय की प्याली एक,

मिठास कुछ कम सी लगी.

शायद कमी रह गई थी बस एक,

नहीं छु पी थी वो हाथ तुम्हारे.

ख़ुशी थी आज सारा जहाँ पाने की भी,

वो भी कहीं नजर नहीं आ रही,

शायद अब नहीं मिलेगी कभी,

तुम्हारे हाथों की चाय.

पड़ा है एक ख़त तुम्हारा,

अलमारी के अंदर सुरक्षित,

लिखा था जिसपे तुमने-

जीतोगे सारा जहाँ एक दिन.

होंगी खुशियाँ क़दमों तले,

कहाँ तुम जानती थी तब,

के मेरी ख़ुशी तो तुम से शुरू होके

तुम्हारे साथ ही कहीं खो गई.

आज स्मृति के आइने ने,

दिल को कहीं कुरेद सा दिया.

न तुम्हारी वाणी है स्पर्श करने को,

जिसके प्रवाह से चलती थी जिंदगी.

न ही वो ठंडी सांसे तुम्हारी,

बनाती थी जो सुहाना गर्म शामों को.

सर्दियों की सर्द रातें तो,

अब सर्द ही रहती हैं.

आज बस याद मात्र एक साथ है,

उस खुशनुमा वसंत की;

और साथ दे रही है बस,

एक फीकी सी चाय की प्याली.

Paramveer Saini


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IIM Essay :2: Judicial Activism in India

Judicial activism is the concept according to which judges are allowed to have their personal opinion about public policies. Judicial activism is the instrument which can be used to make vacuum between judiciary and executive branch of government small. Judicial activism may comprise:
1. Overturning law as unconstitutional.
2. Overturning a judicial precedent.
3. Ruling against a chosen interpretation of constitutional rule.
Judicial activism prospers in India through PIL i.e. Public Interest Litigation. According to PIL concept anyone can file case on behalf of aggrieved group or aggrieved person. This is contrary to simple case filing where a person files a case when some bame happen with him/her. Some recent issues where Judiciary recently acted are:
1. SC suggested/ordered government to distribute grain under public distribution policy to the poor instead of letting it rot inside godowns.
2. SC ordered government to Delhi to not demolish the night shelters made for homeless people.
3. Recent brawl of appointment of CVC PC Thomas.
The concept of dynamic participation of judiciary incurs faith of common man in this benevolent authority to replace corrupt legislature and bureaucracy. But there are some negative aspects of this participation:
1. Overburdening of courts.
2. It may stains the system of democracy according to which democratic government is based on the each organ of government respecting the power of other.

For the benefit of common Indian judicial, legislative and executive branches must work together in consent.

Monday, February 14, 2011

IIM Essay topic: Legalizing doping in sports in modern times

 Use of performance enhancing drugs in sports is termed as doping. Medical laws discourages usage of such drugs for performance enhancing. Many of such drugs are medically proven remedies like AAA e.i.  Anabolic steroids, which are given to broken bones patients for early recovery.
History of consumption of such drugs is quite old but their consumption increased bully during 20th century. On the ground of ethics, uprightness and medical records in 1976, International Olympic Committee first time made them part of prohibited substance list.
But many athletes take these drugs for the purpose of winning the competition and getting the fame.It is always a human tendency to not satisfy with what they have naturally. But when it comes to competing, integrity says everyone should be given a flat ground to run. How can we justify consumption of steroids like Methylhexanamine or Benzedrine in sports where all players deserve equal opportunity. In most of the countries athletes are aware enough now a days about doping and a good athlete never give his or her body in the  evil spirit of doping.But in conclusding note,I want to say it is not only the responsibility of athletes but also of their coaches and managements to ensure this type of inequity does not happen
P.S.: Some interesting pages:: 1 ,
P.P.S.:First hand on writing small essays. Need suggestions.

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