Saturday, August 29, 2009


It is my Last drop of tears
Disappearing to fall so lonely
Both hands are wet and full
Looking any third to pick it

It is my Last drop of tears
Going away to halt my eyes
Sand will be only after that
Storming through my sighs!

It is my Last drop of tears
Crawling on my poor lids
Looking for you to catch
Going more and more down

It is my Last drop of tears
Is now dropping from eyes
Cheerless in absence of you
It is going to meet the soil

It is my Last drop of tears
Finally getting its destiny
Absorbed by ground finally
Where I have written your name

Saturday, August 22, 2009

bhindi v/s kaddu::chapter-2::

we a bunch of eight friends are enjoying every split second of our training session here in Gurgaon.The best but also worst ingredient of having training session with your other friends is the Isolation! You suffer isolation from other students who are getting trained with you. You have your own friends so you need not to get new ones. And as you have your own groupings, likelihood of making new friends in the training class room tends towards zero.

But, as it is always the part of character of all guys to scan every girl better than USA military satellite, I got my eyes on a girl in the class-room. She had very striking long eyes(as I am using word long, this means some kajal type thing is there in her eyes. And I just love to see them). She had very beautiful black hairs of U-trend held with help of black metal wire clip. I can notice some red pimples on girl's right cheeks and they look beautiful on not one hundred percent melanin free skin of her. Very clear pink dewdrop lips! which anyone can die for. . And Oops!...damn 33-23-35!! I just FIGURED her out on my mind when saw her last day first time.

Today she was in dark blue jeans and U.S. army shirt with matching military colored boyish sandals. I can notice even little things like the desi brand name-campus .I want to notice everything!

And now the most unbelievable thing: this is the same girls whom I met previous day!! Oh my gosh!!and I was imagining local bollywood movies full of such coincidences!

“ajj din chadhiya…tere rang warga…phool sa khil utha aaj din!!.........aggley har janam ch,ehi meri boti banugi,harleen kaur ya jo vi ida na hona! ”

I was just dreaming my heroin standing on the roof of her house and I staring her sitting on a close proximity bench. And then she moves her eyes away from me self-consciously.

Suddenly I felt someone touching my hand
“sleeping huhh?"
“errzgg……no sir,I was just watching on board in front of me!”
Students near by me were gazing at me and I was gazing at facilty!!
Gulati sir, our faculty had given a smile and resumed his class. But I can still feel that humiliation.
After class when I told the reality to my friend, everyone was laughing at me and I am still thinking how this all happened!!

P.S.:Hey by the way,forgot to tell you my name:Nayan Sharma.I am in 3rd year of my computer engineering without any back and my orkut profile says that I am 90%trustworthy,100% cool and 100% stunning!!:)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


1) Head Quarters of Tata Group Called?
Ans: Bombay House

2) India's first steel mill was built by the Tatas. In which year was it completed?
Ans: 1911

3) About 66% of the Tatas' capital is allocated by Tata Sons for which purpose?

Ans: Philanthropic trusts

4) What was the first Indian luxury hotel established by the Tatas?

Ans: Taj Mahal Hotel

5) The Tata group consists of how many companies?
Ans: 80

6) When did the World Bank come into being?
Ans: July 1944

7) Former Name of World Bank?
Ans: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

8) Which Asian nation was the first to get a World Bank loan?

Ans: India (on Aug 18, 1949 for Railway Reconstruction and Development.

9) Which organisation instituted the Nobel Prize for Economics?
Ans: Sveriges Riksbank (Bank of Sweeden)

10) Who is the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for Economics?
Ans: Amartya Sen (for his studies in Wellfare Ecconomics)

11) How many women have won the Nobel Prize for Economics since 1969?


Saturday, August 8, 2009


Vo ai thi tun ya chand gira hoga jameen par,
ik pyara sa dil liye ik pyari si murat!
hazaar rituon key baad bhi tun hai vohi,

shayad khuda ne fursat mein kiya hoga takalluf tera......

That was you who born or moon had fallen on earth,

One lovely heart being occupied within a lovely face.

Even after so many seasons, you are the same.

Maybe it took a lot of time of god to create you...

ban gai hain ons ki bundein moti,
jab chua hai tere kadmon ne inhein.
or fir subah ka lal suraj sharma gaya hoga,

dekh key chamak chehrey ki tere.........

The dewdrops are converted into pearls

When your feet has touched them.

And then the red sun of early morning got ashamed
subsequent to watch visage of yours.....

khushbuun se teri behka hai gulistan sara
or jal key khak ho gai kaliyan sari.
or kissi shayar ney fir kaha hoga:

key ye nuur na hoga or kissi mein.......

The whole garden gets mad with your aroma

and all other flowers has blister with jealousy

And then a poet thought yet again:
None can get this exquisiteness for a second time

teri julfon mein pal rahey hain sapney mere sarey
darr lagta hai kahin ud na jayein jindagi ki dhuup mein.
na dekha karo kissi or ko in ankhon se abb,

key bas gaya hai abb to mera jahan ankhon mein teri.....

In your hairs, my all imaginings are taking shape

And I am in the fear whether that got dull in the sun of life
How can you see anybody else with your eyes now!
when I had created my whole world within them

(8th august,2009 )

P.S.:A little dedication to my friend and class-fellow-Aditi Goel. I have prepared this another feminine and somewhat love poem not exclusively only for her but also for Bhindi of my story series as Adi is the co-author upto some extent of that story.We both usually talk a lot about mindset of girls. I prepared this poem at a very fast track.Thought about first line at 10PM;made 1st paragraph at 11:30PM and promised the b'day girl to write whole till the morning and here it was at 1:25AM.I know its not upto that level of poetry but still you have to appreciate me for such fast thinking..:).elsewise i create 1-2 poems per week....:( .

P.P.S.: and don't forget to pour your wishes for my co-author or more exactly critic!!

P.P.P.S: and my friend is sharing her birthdate with Roger Federer!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

testimonial to a sister

This poem is for a very special part of my life. My best friend, a great mentor, a heart that always speak with innocence, a mind which is much intelligent to beat anything if get chance, a cute sentimental expression and eyes you can't forget and one of best critics I got in lifetime.

Geetika its for yew dear,my testimonial for you.

Today, tomorrow and forever

I will be there to shade you in sun

Making you smile more and more

More than before, more than ever
Never trying come closer your heart

But trying to be present within it
Gaining room further and further

More than now, more than ever

2008,09,10,11……years will pass

Don't know when will be goodbye
But you will always be with me
If not as sister,than as daughter
Shiny sinless Chinese eyed face

I will never going to forget
Neither at 19, nor in the future


P.S.:Writing this all in a night full of agony. Missing my family and my sister(Manu) as its Raksha Bandhan today and first time I am away from family for such a long period of more than one month.Feeling like a shattered person who had not gone to meet family just because according to his foolish theory " YOU CAN BE MORE EMOTIONALLY STRONGER JUST BY GOING AWAY FROM YOUR LOVING ONES"..I am really in confusion whether its right or wrong but that's the way it is!!... :(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

bhindi v/s kaddu::chapter-1::

What a stunning beautiful weather! It was just like one more showery calendar day for me. Going back to PG after my coaching classes at NIIT. Ok, should I mentioned just coaching classes?!!?? I also do part time job there! I know those guys give me just some bucks for my damn 2 hours class, but its enough to pay off my all ILLEGAL activities with friends.

I must say not illegal as its just a little hangouts in close proximity malls(the only place we caught at Gurgaon for fun is air conditioned big brand shops and movies),phone bills AND BLA BLA BLA....Surviving in such big city with just a budget of 20K INR for 45 days was impractical for a name similar to me.

I was escaping water as much as achievable. Don't want to fritter away my time washing clothes at hell pg toilet cum washroom.
I still committed to memory my first encounter with cloth washing this Sunday when I washed my one jean in half hour. Thanks to Gautam who lent a hand me after-wards and I had learnt to be more rough while washing clothes....Just beat them as hard as you can!

“you m0!h#@ f@#$3r!!Cant you drive carefully? Scrapped my clothes and face.”

“oye helloww!!”
What's that? HE was a girl and the best part was on karizma bike in a fury of about 60km/hrs on that rough road!!
“Its your duty to safeguard yourself”, she moved her head on my side. Hmm metropolitan bitch!!

Fair complexion girl with no melanin on face; wearing a leather jacket; with some bob cut hairs!
cool, is she coming after robbing the SBI bank nearby ?”,I said to myself.
Whatever, being wet suits all girls and she was looking damn beautiful and rock-diva beyond my imagination.

“errjrr....Is it your father who owns this road?”,I was somewhat softer than before. After all I was feeling SOMETHING(yew know what!!) about her inside. But still I should be more softer on that last sentence ;).

“You asshole! Isn't it your fault?”,she just pissed off on someone from a distance while having one hand on her hairs.Thank gosh! Nobody was in the street that time except two of us!
OOPS!!Is she really a girl? Then she biked back to me in hurry as if some fireman comes to jet water on fire. By the way, fire had already ignited inside me by that fire-woman!

“oh I am really sorry!”,with some spongy feminine voice she said this time. Still again I was gazing at her not because of her sexy wet face but coz of expressions too!! It was the same girl who puked out that ‘A.H.’ some era before?
Now what was that man! She too started gazing at me back with her gigantically big eyes filled with so much “I wanna F*** with you” kinda feeling. Am I doing shooting of some porno movie? “its ok, miss!”,I replied back. “Hey if you don’t mind you may give your tee and jean to me n take my jacket with you” So sweet! That what happen with some moneyed girls many time:”more money-less mind”!I am just walking on the road at Gurgaon with biscuit and some eatables in my hands and it all means my place is just nearby. Still she is becoming so easy with me. Am I living in some heaven with a hot damn foolish (wo)man?
“I have seen you at NIIT classroom, near the reception room. You are faculty there na? ” Now things were making some sense. I just didn’t fancy for washing those soiled tee and jeans. So I asked her to hang around there as PG is just 5 step ahead. “ok miss, then return it before Friday. This is one of the best shirt of mine and there is some party on this Friday. You know ?” “Okiesss!!.” It was still raining outside and I was talking to her for the last 25 min.
“see yew there! And you look good with set-wet hairs and goggles! Bye”
Ohk! That’s why she was powerless to be acquainted with me from mere distance. I think she want to be some more wet. Is it for me? the whole thing was just more than perfect..surely heaven!! And I was walking in the heaven wearing my black john-player kapree and her jacket!

to be continued........

P.S.:any flaw,lemme know!!
work of fiction with some non-fiction mixed!

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