Saturday, August 8, 2009


Vo ai thi tun ya chand gira hoga jameen par,
ik pyara sa dil liye ik pyari si murat!
hazaar rituon key baad bhi tun hai vohi,

shayad khuda ne fursat mein kiya hoga takalluf tera......

That was you who born or moon had fallen on earth,

One lovely heart being occupied within a lovely face.

Even after so many seasons, you are the same.

Maybe it took a lot of time of god to create you...

ban gai hain ons ki bundein moti,
jab chua hai tere kadmon ne inhein.
or fir subah ka lal suraj sharma gaya hoga,

dekh key chamak chehrey ki tere.........

The dewdrops are converted into pearls

When your feet has touched them.

And then the red sun of early morning got ashamed
subsequent to watch visage of yours.....

khushbuun se teri behka hai gulistan sara
or jal key khak ho gai kaliyan sari.
or kissi shayar ney fir kaha hoga:

key ye nuur na hoga or kissi mein.......

The whole garden gets mad with your aroma

and all other flowers has blister with jealousy

And then a poet thought yet again:
None can get this exquisiteness for a second time

teri julfon mein pal rahey hain sapney mere sarey
darr lagta hai kahin ud na jayein jindagi ki dhuup mein.
na dekha karo kissi or ko in ankhon se abb,

key bas gaya hai abb to mera jahan ankhon mein teri.....

In your hairs, my all imaginings are taking shape

And I am in the fear whether that got dull in the sun of life
How can you see anybody else with your eyes now!
when I had created my whole world within them

(8th august,2009 )

P.S.:A little dedication to my friend and class-fellow-Aditi Goel. I have prepared this another feminine and somewhat love poem not exclusively only for her but also for Bhindi of my story series as Adi is the co-author upto some extent of that story.We both usually talk a lot about mindset of girls. I prepared this poem at a very fast track.Thought about first line at 10PM;made 1st paragraph at 11:30PM and promised the b'day girl to write whole till the morning and here it was at 1:25AM.I know its not upto that level of poetry but still you have to appreciate me for such fast thinking..:).elsewise i create 1-2 poems per week....:( .

P.P.S.: and don't forget to pour your wishes for my co-author or more exactly critic!!

P.P.P.S: and my friend is sharing her birthdate with Roger Federer!


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

happy birthday to your friend!!! :D

paramveer said...

shoo sweet of you for being so regular!!...:)

Vyshu said...

Wish your friend a very memorable B'day ..!

Take Care

Dhanya said...

A very happy belated birthday to your friend (in case it was on the 8th) :)

aditi said...

thanku kaddu..
thanx a lot for ur such a lovely gift...

Ekam said...

belated birthday wishes to your friend:)

paramveer said...

thx from my frnd!!

paramveer said...

yeah it was ;)

paramveer said...

@aditi pleasure yaar!!

paramveer said...

itni jaldi...chal theek h...tujhe sabb maaf hai....hehe

Ekam said...

Arre yaar main Dalhousie gayi thi.. Wapis aate hi wish kiya :P

Ekam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deepika Gupta said...

Nice dedication :)

paramveer said...


thx for liking..hope to see you again :)

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