Wednesday, August 5, 2009

testimonial to a sister

This poem is for a very special part of my life. My best friend, a great mentor, a heart that always speak with innocence, a mind which is much intelligent to beat anything if get chance, a cute sentimental expression and eyes you can't forget and one of best critics I got in lifetime.

Geetika its for yew dear,my testimonial for you.

Today, tomorrow and forever

I will be there to shade you in sun

Making you smile more and more

More than before, more than ever
Never trying come closer your heart

But trying to be present within it
Gaining room further and further

More than now, more than ever

2008,09,10,11……years will pass

Don't know when will be goodbye
But you will always be with me
If not as sister,than as daughter
Shiny sinless Chinese eyed face

I will never going to forget
Neither at 19, nor in the future


P.S.:Writing this all in a night full of agony. Missing my family and my sister(Manu) as its Raksha Bandhan today and first time I am away from family for such a long period of more than one month.Feeling like a shattered person who had not gone to meet family just because according to his foolish theory " YOU CAN BE MORE EMOTIONALLY STRONGER JUST BY GOING AWAY FROM YOUR LOVING ONES"..I am really in confusion whether its right or wrong but that's the way it is!!... :(


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

your family is missing you too.. a heartfelt post.. happy rakshabandhan to you.. :)

Aarthi said...

Happy rakshabandhan to you! :)

Very emotional one...

Anonymous said...

Happy Rakshabandhan to you ..:)

Heartfelt one...!I miss my family ..esp Bhaiyya..It made me very emmotional ..and you know why...

Take care..

paramveer said...

they are...:(

paramveer said...

thx yr

paramveer said...

i know ...its a different feeling to be with family at special occasions(also when there is no special thing)

Ekam said...

Very sweet lines:)

paramveer said...

@ekam....thx n i missing you ppl too..will see you at GT in chandigarh...LOL

Ria said...

so so sweet!!i m missing my bro so much. :(

paramveer said...

not at home??..huhh??such a misery!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Rakshabandhan to you :)

I'm missing Bhaiya too :(

neeraj_only said...

nice testimonial, your sis will surely love this.

Missing is name of the game everyone has to play. Enjoy the game....(funda mara gaya .....)

paramveer said...

@miss kido
every one is missing smone :(

paramveer said...

wts that FUNDA MARA GAYA.....?

n the post on ur blog was also quite sentimental!! :)

srawan said...

The best Testimonial for ever!!

paramveer said...

@srawan....i dont knw bt i want to be the best brother!! :) thx 4 complmnt

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely, you. I am thinking, when something is felt (really felt) you can tell when the words are written. They shine more.

jiji said...

wow really emotional one.

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