Sunday, July 26, 2009


1. Owl is the only bird which could see the color blue.

2. Parrots and rabbits could see their back as they also have eyes at their back.

3. Humming birds can also fly backwards.

4. Butter flies taste with their feet.

5. A male moth can identify a female moth easily even it is a mile away from it

6. Snails have nearly 25,000 teeth.

7. Baby elephants can drink over a 80 litres of milk a day.

8. Lizards are the only living-being which doesn't drink water throughout it's life.

9. Dogs are very friendly with humans than with dogs themselves.

10. In Africa termites are fried and eaten just like popcorn.

P.S.:I know i am not that regular anywhere in these is just messed up being a paying guest!But still i give a great thanks to all those who pour-up comments in this space and who have become my followers.I got 28 followers in 2 months and its quite more than what i thought.

P.P.S.:i am going to soon start story-telling here from the next month.working on that!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dreams and me #2

Shaking hands with smiling face,
In this fashion, in that fashion.
Every date we meet together,
In this tushan, in that tushan.

Always merry, whole day cheery,
Wasting every penny on each other.
This fun sharing, those cool sharings,
Never carve up hassles of each other.

Sometimes specials come closer too,
Deluges of temptations transpire.
Thoughts of their become piece of life,
Beautiful associations then conspire.

Always weeping,whole time crying,
When we separate for forever.
Thinking to meet again in life,
We say them we friends forever!

Then they soon befall hazy memories,
Then they just come in our dreams.
Shaking hands with smiling face,
In this fashion, in that fashion.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

in your memories

Though eyes want to go dead for world
no sleep,no peace,what this passion
still I want to hold you within my words
not in amnesia, but need your compassion

Giving me pain, laying within me
yours and mine old aged memories
standing within sweet cold breeze
making my heart swing in hurries

When I was living with thrust
you come to drawn me within ocean
drowning me within your first kiss
can still feel your lips on mine

The young morning is arriving again
yet no sleep, no peace in my stares
just want to hold moments in my verse
but without you love!feeling no flair

P.S.: I am busy at Gurgaon,Delhi for training(and discovering new places...hehe) currently and internet is no where economical here. So no condition to access your blogs. Pardon me if I annoyed you. I'll come back in August. Till then enjoy old and fortnight posts.
Distinctly yours,

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