Saturday, August 22, 2009

bhindi v/s kaddu::chapter-2::

we a bunch of eight friends are enjoying every split second of our training session here in Gurgaon.The best but also worst ingredient of having training session with your other friends is the Isolation! You suffer isolation from other students who are getting trained with you. You have your own friends so you need not to get new ones. And as you have your own groupings, likelihood of making new friends in the training class room tends towards zero.

But, as it is always the part of character of all guys to scan every girl better than USA military satellite, I got my eyes on a girl in the class-room. She had very striking long eyes(as I am using word long, this means some kajal type thing is there in her eyes. And I just love to see them). She had very beautiful black hairs of U-trend held with help of black metal wire clip. I can notice some red pimples on girl's right cheeks and they look beautiful on not one hundred percent melanin free skin of her. Very clear pink dewdrop lips! which anyone can die for. . And Oops!...damn 33-23-35!! I just FIGURED her out on my mind when saw her last day first time.

Today she was in dark blue jeans and U.S. army shirt with matching military colored boyish sandals. I can notice even little things like the desi brand name-campus .I want to notice everything!

And now the most unbelievable thing: this is the same girls whom I met previous day!! Oh my gosh!!and I was imagining local bollywood movies full of such coincidences!

“ajj din chadhiya…tere rang warga…phool sa khil utha aaj din!!.........aggley har janam ch,ehi meri boti banugi,harleen kaur ya jo vi ida na hona! ”

I was just dreaming my heroin standing on the roof of her house and I staring her sitting on a close proximity bench. And then she moves her eyes away from me self-consciously.

Suddenly I felt someone touching my hand
“sleeping huhh?"
“errzgg……no sir,I was just watching on board in front of me!”
Students near by me were gazing at me and I was gazing at facilty!!
Gulati sir, our faculty had given a smile and resumed his class. But I can still feel that humiliation.
After class when I told the reality to my friend, everyone was laughing at me and I am still thinking how this all happened!!

P.S.:Hey by the way,forgot to tell you my name:Nayan Sharma.I am in 3rd year of my computer engineering without any back and my orkut profile says that I am 90%trustworthy,100% cool and 100% stunning!!:)

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