Saturday, August 1, 2009

bhindi v/s kaddu::chapter-1::

What a stunning beautiful weather! It was just like one more showery calendar day for me. Going back to PG after my coaching classes at NIIT. Ok, should I mentioned just coaching classes?!!?? I also do part time job there! I know those guys give me just some bucks for my damn 2 hours class, but its enough to pay off my all ILLEGAL activities with friends.

I must say not illegal as its just a little hangouts in close proximity malls(the only place we caught at Gurgaon for fun is air conditioned big brand shops and movies),phone bills AND BLA BLA BLA....Surviving in such big city with just a budget of 20K INR for 45 days was impractical for a name similar to me.

I was escaping water as much as achievable. Don't want to fritter away my time washing clothes at hell pg toilet cum washroom.
I still committed to memory my first encounter with cloth washing this Sunday when I washed my one jean in half hour. Thanks to Gautam who lent a hand me after-wards and I had learnt to be more rough while washing clothes....Just beat them as hard as you can!

“you m0!h#@ f@#$3r!!Cant you drive carefully? Scrapped my clothes and face.”

“oye helloww!!”
What's that? HE was a girl and the best part was on karizma bike in a fury of about 60km/hrs on that rough road!!
“Its your duty to safeguard yourself”, she moved her head on my side. Hmm metropolitan bitch!!

Fair complexion girl with no melanin on face; wearing a leather jacket; with some bob cut hairs!
cool, is she coming after robbing the SBI bank nearby ?”,I said to myself.
Whatever, being wet suits all girls and she was looking damn beautiful and rock-diva beyond my imagination.

“errjrr....Is it your father who owns this road?”,I was somewhat softer than before. After all I was feeling SOMETHING(yew know what!!) about her inside. But still I should be more softer on that last sentence ;).

“You asshole! Isn't it your fault?”,she just pissed off on someone from a distance while having one hand on her hairs.Thank gosh! Nobody was in the street that time except two of us!
OOPS!!Is she really a girl? Then she biked back to me in hurry as if some fireman comes to jet water on fire. By the way, fire had already ignited inside me by that fire-woman!

“oh I am really sorry!”,with some spongy feminine voice she said this time. Still again I was gazing at her not because of her sexy wet face but coz of expressions too!! It was the same girl who puked out that ‘A.H.’ some era before?
Now what was that man! She too started gazing at me back with her gigantically big eyes filled with so much “I wanna F*** with you” kinda feeling. Am I doing shooting of some porno movie? “its ok, miss!”,I replied back. “Hey if you don’t mind you may give your tee and jean to me n take my jacket with you” So sweet! That what happen with some moneyed girls many time:”more money-less mind”!I am just walking on the road at Gurgaon with biscuit and some eatables in my hands and it all means my place is just nearby. Still she is becoming so easy with me. Am I living in some heaven with a hot damn foolish (wo)man?
“I have seen you at NIIT classroom, near the reception room. You are faculty there na? ” Now things were making some sense. I just didn’t fancy for washing those soiled tee and jeans. So I asked her to hang around there as PG is just 5 step ahead. “ok miss, then return it before Friday. This is one of the best shirt of mine and there is some party on this Friday. You know ?” “Okiesss!!.” It was still raining outside and I was talking to her for the last 25 min.
“see yew there! And you look good with set-wet hairs and goggles! Bye”
Ohk! That’s why she was powerless to be acquainted with me from mere distance. I think she want to be some more wet. Is it for me? the whole thing was just more than perfect..surely heaven!! And I was walking in the heaven wearing my black john-player kapree and her jacket!

to be continued........

P.S.:any flaw,lemme know!!
work of fiction with some non-fiction mixed!


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

its going on great Param.. cant wait for the next episode..

Dulce Rosales said...
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Dulce Rosales said...

Some people have disliked the idea of my intruding into their comments to introduce what they call a SPAM!.... So I've deleted it. Another time maybe?
I am very sorry

paramveer said...

@rane...feeli imagined itng cool.........i havnt imagined it to be that great stuff!! yew!!

paramveer said...

@dulace rosales
its all right pal!!
after all doing such things some times is cool when you dont hv a mailing list of ur blogger frns!!

swati said...

fiction was it :P waiting fr the nxt part :)
take care!!

paramveer said...

its not completely fiction.....but becomes so due to inspiration FROM SOME INDIAN AUTHORS....:P

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