Monday, February 14, 2011

IIM Essay topic: Legalizing doping in sports in modern times

 Use of performance enhancing drugs in sports is termed as doping. Medical laws discourages usage of such drugs for performance enhancing. Many of such drugs are medically proven remedies like AAA e.i.  Anabolic steroids, which are given to broken bones patients for early recovery.
History of consumption of such drugs is quite old but their consumption increased bully during 20th century. On the ground of ethics, uprightness and medical records in 1976, International Olympic Committee first time made them part of prohibited substance list.
But many athletes take these drugs for the purpose of winning the competition and getting the fame.It is always a human tendency to not satisfy with what they have naturally. But when it comes to competing, integrity says everyone should be given a flat ground to run. How can we justify consumption of steroids like Methylhexanamine or Benzedrine in sports where all players deserve equal opportunity. In most of the countries athletes are aware enough now a days about doping and a good athlete never give his or her body in the  evil spirit of doping.But in conclusding note,I want to say it is not only the responsibility of athletes but also of their coaches and managements to ensure this type of inequity does not happen
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