Thursday, December 23, 2010

Roses are still red

She was beautiful; she is still. Her cerise nails with cerise lips, mannequin figure and a heart of angel. One day she told me about love,”hey Hari! Look these red roses. Love is of the same color, red. They are so cute.” It was the last days of our baccalaureate at DU. She was so good for me. Thinking of her, I buy a bouquet of red roses for Anvesha. The date is 14Feb, 2021. We were in love. India was shining, better than 5 years before when I met her studying high school commerce at DPS. She was intelligent at mathematics. I was good at English. We both got admission at DU, St. Stephens College. The friendship of high school blooms into love of college. Bunking classes; wandering here and there; still it feels like we had our coffee in the same cup yesterday. We shared a great solidarity. She loved to drink on weekends with me and there were times that we had spent unsheltered whole night on roads of South Delhi. She still starts whispering in my ears so many times in winy voice of her. I sometimes watch her jogging with me near qutub minar’s road. Yes she love to ran fast. She was cute and innocent like child and the same time her dreams run to infinities.

One day, she drained me, left me live solitary life. I met her recently in Annual re-union. Her cerise nail polish still attracts me in the same way. White still makes her beautiful, when I see her roaming near Andrew’s gate in beautiful sun of December. She now lives in Philadelphia with his father who runs a chain of restaurant. She studies at university of Pennsylvania pursuing her Business administration studies and is going to handle all the business of her father soon. That’s the benefit to be only one child of parents. Riches here prefer one child now, even though we don’t have strict one child policies like communists.

I still go for jogging with my old friend Parnav and my valentine Anvesha. Anvesha is a chief chef at Presidential office. I met her once when I was for an interview with Mr. President on behalf of Parsaar Bharti on the evening of 26th Jan. It was not a big deal to get Anvesha in my life. Parnav introduced Anvesha Jain,his chief chef to me. We exchanged our numbers and it all started. Today I am going to meet her 9th time; I am falling in love for her this valentine’s day. She too said yesterday love is like roses…….. And roses still red. Are not they?


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