Saturday, December 4, 2010

her eyes, my world

It’s amazing how much they say,
Make my whole nights in eyes,
Maybe those also remains unsleeping.
Walking over the dark sky,
Where my heart glides.

Yes, those two say so much,
even the words yawning in heart.
And sometimes as holy dove
I hear them singing also,
The divine song of love.
they enchant to lit up my torso.
For the days, I have seen them,
Yes! Her two voluptuous eyes.
My spirit got packed with life,
As if now she stays in my eyes
Neither she log-sleeps, neither I….


naa janey kya keh jati,
naa mujhe soney deti,naa shayad khud hi soti,
kabhi ithlati, nathkhat si machalati,
isharon isharon mein sabb keh jati,
hontho pe jo na aye,vo tak keh jati,
dekha hai jabsey,ankhon mein ja basi.
abb toh bas gai hain aisi ki,
na khud soti,na hi mujhe soney deti....

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