Thursday, October 28, 2010

The fallacy of mirth

On the cold seashore, running, crushing cold dreams,
cold veins in supplant dark and all my screams.
palm trees , calm trees, squelching the night,
fighting with self, fighting alone, nowhere light.

The blossoms of love, cried, dried, dead,
only sorrows to solemnize my coronation.
Whack of a disdainful pulchritude reigning,
wild, dark post-love are the eyes of a looser.

Your ambivalent lies and my futile truths.
the lines we crossed and you made me strong.
With dearth of love. superfluous hollowness,
strengths were stranglehold, lines got shifted.

My soul, my body, fallen down like dead mink,
the seasons of depart, the moments of hurt.
You standing with face of minx, with saw,
saw of words, curving, slashing my heart.

You left to leave, a hole in my heart,
your last words still groping in some part,
oh, i am still in the fallacy of mirth,
one more time you are filching it apart.

Distinctly yours,
Paramveer Saini

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