Friday, August 20, 2010

Kashmir is going wrong but why?

In the early evening,An innocent girl was sitting in her room and went to draw the curtain.Suddenly a shoot got heard from outside.A soldier shot at something. The girl started screaming.A bullet fired her heart and she was dead after sometime.This is the true story of a girl hailing from kashmir velly. She was not among the stone pelters.she hadn't atempeted any crime.Next day her mother was also among the stone pelters and that's how God knows how many stone pelters got born by security forces themselves. It is not the case many times that some separatist force fuels their emotions,sometimes its the security forces are also involved.I am not getting the idea of being benefited by such protection there which end up harming the life of common citizen of the valley.
Today our world is progressing and so is our country.We are among top growing economies of the world.
in such era,kashmiri youth,who have grown to adulthood under the sounds of troops.They have seen security forces taking their relatives out of the home at midnights.That is how they have grown up but things would not be so sour if acted upon in a good way. Now they want themselves to be a part of the same development.They want employment. They want to be the part of growth of our country.Government of India still treats them unlike people of other states.This will surely make them puppets of some wrong hand on day.

We are applying forces in the region where we should apply the normal laws.
Why don't government apply army to One lakh twenty thousand square Kilometers of area occupied by Pakistan and China? It is the area which belongs to india and we have never tried to get it back.Common man of Kashmir has no faith in army as is seen by current incidents.It is a very dangerous situation and government is still dealing with it as if some doctor is treating a flu patient with medicines of fever or headache. Is not it folly to not treating the root cause?The population there is living in the shadow of fear for the last 6 decades. They have never been the part of mainstream of India and current action shown by them is just an outburst that came out after their fear converted into anger. Flu is reaching at dangerous level.Government need to apply the strong dose of antibiotics. They should treat Kashmir as they do with any other state. Everyone knows who is triggering fundamental forces. Is not the main disease lies in that area which got occupied by Pakistan in 1947? Is not that we apply forces inside Jammu and Kashmir just because we want no wrongdoings there causing by the militants group of Pak occupied Kashmir.It is also the humiliation of power of our army who is still standing in Indian Kashmir and not where they have to be.


Mingled Minds said...

thtz so true...people in kashmir have never lived a normal life ever... its high time, the govt has to luk into this now!!!

Ria said...

I hope something is done abt Kashmir else it will b too late!

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