Friday, June 19, 2009

book review: of course i love you

"Imagination seldom runs wild, but when it does, you have a book."
And I must say the book runs very wild!

Those are the last lines of my third novel I read in my lifetime and I must say I read it whole! Even I have managed to escape some pages in between of my first two read outs: "5 point someone.." and "three mistakes of my life."


I started reading this book last winter but left after reading some initial pages that I found full of some B-grade movie kind of stuff!But now it is June and I have grown my MIND to somewhat more than before! Yes . Now I am old enough to think about the THINGS(or truly saying I have to!) and what Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja have written seems to be happening everywhere!(sorry if you still living in some childhood!)

The whole story orbits around Deb, his love affairs,his friends and Delhi locations. The mechanical engineering student seems to be going together with the words of my mechi seniors that they told us in first year," Mechanical branch students don't have even a single girl in their class room but trust us...half of the girls sitting in your class room will be with them!" ok mechi rocks! Compu sucks! happy??!!

I read the whole book except that half page where Debashish explains those 25 sheets in front of his seniors and puke off the same lines as told by his best friend after college , Amit.
I think Amit is the only good thing that happens with him. Before that he had a long (but not too long..heh) list of night outs,fishing, breakups and a damn bad college life! And technically he F^^^ed his engineering degree for girls!

A must read but still I cant understand some pages specially: Deb finally gets a stable job and that too as a junior to Avantika, what would be their life after 5-6 years; the costume event! ; Vernita proves to be a girly character at the last night of college(k I have no doubt she is but not that typical kind of girl!);and character of Avantika's ex; and also how can Avantika become a black chapter of her boyfriends' life?

Books starts with Samriti, an average typical Indian girl. Page 161 ends with some unexpected and harsh break up with Avantika with whom he had the best time of his life, who was his first love in the 8 years life of puberty and with whom he wanted to spend the next 80 years of his life! And at last page......................ohk buddies I am not going to tell the end,page 261.

Just grab a copy and read it, afterall it will just cost you Rs. 100 only! According to blogspot space of the book , already 20,000 copies were sold in the first four months(till December 2008).

And i am waiting for the next by author "NOW THAT YOU'RE RICH..!"

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Ekam said...

Thanks for the review. Now that my training is ending, I am waiting to grab some new books and read them:)

And yes, I am getting all the updates of your blog

paramveer said...

thx sister!

n thank god!...that u r getting updates. otherwise i was going to uninstall n then re-install the FOLLOW gadget!..:)

our friend PULKIT is not getting updates. may be coz he is following me even before my post published!!....:(

Sophie Broflovski said...

True! The book is a great read :) It's gripping and it's Quirky, I enjoyed it through and through!

paramveer said...

i know if u once started this book u cant even dare to escape anything inside it....

n thx for commenting...LOL

PULKIT said...

@ param - the first quote by durjoy was awesome!
I communicated with him too... :)
maanvi is more polite! cool guys!

and u dint told, whom u got the info about the books from :P

he he he!
keep reading....
and I will wait for more from u soon!


paramveer said...

@pulkit...kyuun bey..teri publicity main kyuun karun...hehe

@all..most of the novels i read are those about which i get info ftm orkut frn.....PULKIT is one of them(ok...most of the novels i read still were on his recomendation!!)

PULKIT said...

@ param - :P he he he!
was pulling leg yaar... aweiiiiiiiii!
I am so happy that m back to the regular comments on ur blog :D

paramveer said...


Harjot Singh said...

I was intrigued by the title of the book, and subsequent ones for that matter, and wondered if the plot would involve some infidel and heart breaking drama. It, however, turned out as a title with a deeper meaning. "Ofcourse I love you...till I find someone better" is refreshing take on college romance and its effects. Author, or Authors as they are, takes the reader on a whirlwind of Journey. Dialogue are witty and humorous, even dark at times. Story revolves around Deb, a semi-fat semi-stud, who finds true love in Avantika. As for Avantika, she is a 'been there done that' girl and had her fair share of drugs & boyfriends before meeting with Deb and slowly realizing the truth of their relationship.

Focus is entirely on story and a racy narrative. There is little done on developing the characters except a little for Deb, the hero. It would have been better if there was a little insight about other characters like Shrey. Avantika, the Heroine, is also treated similarly with little said about her past and for that matter current except her interactions with Deb.

Story is good and thats about it to the Novel. If there is anything I despise more than a bad story or narrative, its bad editing. There are way to many grammatical mistakes and they are spred evenly thorugout the novel(All errors in last sentence are intentional). A major blunder that I just can't accept at any level is that there is a WHOLE PAGE missing. There is no page 138. The sequence blissfully goes like 137,128,139,140 and so on. I don't blame the Authors as much as I would blame The proofreader and Editor. Its almost like there was no one to proof read the book before it was sent to press.

Verdict: Good story & Narrative. BAD BAD BAD Editing.

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