Saturday, June 27, 2009


Last night I have watched the movie Chicago.I have watched the movie second time.When I out looked Chicago first time,I did not like it as it seems to be too girly movie in many scenes. But watching it again was a great pleasure, director Rob Marshall proved me wrong. The whole plot was just fantastic.Especially Richard Gere's performance was one of the best!

Roxie Hart(Renee Zellweger) always want to get stage and she spends her nights dreaming about "all that jazz" and wants to be a big star.Fred Cassely(Dominic West) made her to go under "casting couch". After using her,he reveals that he has no connections in showbiz.Drunkard Roxie shots Cassely dead. Roxie is sent to jail where she meets Velma Kelly(Catherine Zeta Jones) who has committed double murder and is currently getting large attention from media.Mrs. Morton,warden of the jail offers Roxie to give services of iconic lawyer Billy Flynn(Richard Gere).Billy was more than a legal lawyer and he always remain in media attention due to his "tabloid darling" clients.Billy just give many twist to story of her and represent her as the "cutest and innocent murderess" Chicago ever had.Roxie and Billy play a lots of trick to get all media attention and finally Roxie and Billy convinces all jury to give verdict to her side.


1."Razzle Dazzle them" song,Gere's tap dance and consequently showing the trial during the last minutes of movie was really fascinating. One of the best scenes i have ever seen.Specially how they use Roxie's diary in the climax was amazing.
2. Pregnancy conspiracy crafted by Roxie was another amazing act in the film.How cleverly she uses her innocent and cute look will make a smile on your face for sure.
3. Billy's intro song "All I Care About is Love" and another song "we both reach for the gun" are immence package in the movie. At last I advice you all to enjoy this movie...a must watch! Imdb gives Chicago 7.3 out of 10.



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suggestion? re-spell seggestion. ;]

now I really want to go see Chicago!

um "walking on the sugar?"
Sugar's my dog haha. & i walk her everyday

and six flags is an amazing amusement part. it's very far away so we only go there a few times a summer.

how did you end up finding my blog? let me know.

paramveer said...

@ jessica
i found ur blog thro L.J. Boldyrev'z blog one wk b4. but unable to coment so just left out without doing any more work there rather than bookmarking it!...i lv to read personal blogs so just went there again.....

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