Saturday, June 13, 2009


This one was the best for the week.I played with many friends and had a great time.Now you can also try...if wanna play with me then comment.
Rapidfire round!
Jo dil me pehla word aae fill kar dijiye
plz.... Rply
me waiting.

A famous writer said "Love is like a long sweet dream" and Marriage is an alarm clock... SO have sweet dreams til ur alarm wakes u up
The True Measure Of A Person Is Not How Well He Prepares For Everything To Go Right, But On How Gracefully He Stands Up & Moves On After Everything Goes Wrong !!!
If u feel little bored,
little sick,
little sad,
all lost,
u know wat is wrong?
U R suffering frm deficiency of
vitamin "ME";-)
Heart Of Boys R Like a Temple !!


Thats Why,

When Boys Say..
'I Love You'..





Girls Remove Their Slippers.;-)

FEELING is a painting never spoil it.
FACE is a book-try 2 read it
LOVE is precious-be ready 2 sacrifice 4 it
& FRIENDSHIP is mirror-never break it...!
A genius is a person who can do wid $1 what a fool does wid $100. Just as we complete our syllabus in 3 days and our teachers try in 6 mnths....

P.S.: plz guide me if i m not right. just posting these sms' coz i love smsing a lot. If you feel that this series would degrade my blog's grace then plz inform me..............i may halt it on readers' suggestion.


Ms.R. said...

I love smses! No one sends it to me :'( Hehehe..

Rapidfire round!
Jo dil me pehla word aae fill kar dijiye
Luv: Life
Lyf: Is a Rollercoaster Ride
Hot: Summer
Desire: Ice cream :P
Pain: Sucks
Un4gtble: His smile
Dearest: CM
1crush: Shahrukh
Me: Sweet


paramveer said...

@ Ms.R
"Luv: Life
Lyf: Is a Rollercoaster Ride"

the same answer ws sent to me by sm other friend........should i think most of the girls think so..LOV IS A ROLLECOASTER RIDE.hehe...

N keep eyesz on my blog n u'l read sm great smses every weekend..hehe..:)

PULKIT said...

I have followed ur blog again yaar...
why m I not getting its updates pls check...

anyways...tere ko apne blog pe kuch naya karne ka mann kara kare then do that without hesitation bro!
thats all I want to say!

Rapidfire round!
Jo dil me pehla word aae fill kar dijiye
Luv: miss pagal
Lyf: a painful journey most of time
Hot: kanpur ki afternoon and kareena's body
Desire: her first kiss
Pain: every day at college
Un4gtble: My school days
Dearest: mety
1crush: sonal chauhan
Me: Sweet

Butterfly Thoughts said...

This is intersting...Whateevr you feel you should do it.. its ur blog..and its fun to read it at times.
Luv- u cant buy but pay heavily for it.
Life- is for living.
Hot-hot n sour chicken soup:-)
Desire- to be in Calcutta
Pain- hurts
Un4gble- memories of college and pune
1st crush- Govinda.hihihih i was in Std-4 that time..

me- unpredictable

paramveer said...


sonal chauhaan!!!!!...u nver told me....!!!

paramveer said...

"pay heavily for it."!!!

yeah boys always...hehe

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