Tuesday, June 9, 2009


What's the wrong with Bebo?
If I be keen on call you so
What's the wrong with it
That I am nutty about you!

Whole world is holding capacity
In the soft touch of your hands
By the purity of your heart
entire soul of mine just glitters

Touch of your charm voice
glance of your foot tap
Everything is so beautiful
Then how can one catnap!

Nap is a distant infatuation
When there is no dream
Then what is the wicked?
If I dream of you Bebo!


Anonymous said...

gud going bhaiya!!...btw ye bebo kon hai???....:):)

paramveer said...

U didnt cook maggie 4 me 2day eve. Then y should i tell u. . . .hehehaha


r u talking of real bebo??
or someone else thn kareena.??
by d way u cn keep on dreaming.. :P

bt what did u want to say through ur poem.. wasn't able to understand.. ???

paramveer said...


hey welcome in my dream world..;)

there is one frn of mine whom i call babo...last day she asked me the reason...

my answer was..."
whats the wrong with bebo?
if i love to call u so.."

then i thought...."oh my god!!...i can write a whole poem expanding these two lines...n i started...hehe"

Prakhar said...

Well written dude . And everything u wrote is all true. Its a mean world and we all are like that.. Desire is the biggest weakness and strength of humans..

paramveer said...

@parkhar...................same comment on 2 posts!!!!......isse kehte hain asli frnship!!!hehe

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