Sunday, October 4, 2009

25TH POST :) :) :)

This is my 25th post on this blog (I also used to engrave on my ex.-blog a long time ago and now a day when ever I find nothing to write I copy paste a post from that one to this one :P .Btw ek baar hi kiya hai ye copy paste!)
The best thing about this 25th post is that it is totally time pass post so if you have some other important work then please follow my suggestion and for god's sake, don't waste your time on bloggers :D !!And one thing if you dont know HINGLISH LANGO.Plz don’t read this post. You are not going to understand what you'l to read!!

By the way, "congrats!", koi to keh do yaar mujhe!

This post is not dedicated to any one! This is my blog, main kissi or ko kyuun 25th post dedicate karuun!!Still a small dedication to Ekam who tagged me again (yehi hai bass who tagged me not one but two times iskey alawa mere jaisi irregular species ko kon puuchta hai...hehehe)

So the tag is "Vella - panti .. 'About me' or tag??"

Eku mam wrote 18 points about her personality and now I am going to write 20 points(some points I have just copy pasted or modified from eku ….:P )

1. I just love my name. Even my favourite song is"you know my name" by chris cornell uncle composed for "casino royale" (is par bhi long discussion hogi kabhi). I think its the most sexiest name after james bond in the whole world. And it is. I know it :D

2. I am very jealous. I get very jealous when I see my friend specially best friend talking with his/her another friend/friends even without telling me anything(here definition of anything means that where he/she going? or whom he/she going to meet!?).At that time only reaction remain bitch/kutta kamina!!

3. I am very insecure.If you like me then I would not believe you unless I hear the word "I like you" 100 times.And I cant change this feeling... sorry!!

4. I can make friends very easily now-a-days but to be closer friends you have to avoid situation as discussed in point two! Mere saath chipkey raho and agar mujhe acha laga and apko bhi then who knows hum bhi close ho jayein. Ye close achey wala hai,otherwise India mein log close k kafi ACHEY meanings nikaal letey hain..;).

5. I got many persons in life whom I can proudly say,” you are my best friends.Jo bhi hai bass tu h mere liye.” (I would like to discuss separately in next point about best friends and close friends) and I know they are the best things ever happened to me. Friends I got through my blood relations, friends I got through academia and friends I got through web!

6. AB YEPOINT THODA SERIOUS WALA HAI. As a matter of fact I got 6-7 people who always remain clouded on my thinking. So whenever I meet anyone of them I say ,”you are my best friend”. This is because every one of them is so closer to my heart that if I am with anyone of them he/she come more nearer meeting my heart!
One of my close friends does not believe in best friends. If I see practically then she seems to be right. Everybody has only one friend and that is the almighty itself. And as I do not believe in any religion specifically that almighty is you yourself. No one is your best friend except you as Chris cornel uncle in song you know my name says,” ARM YOURSELF COZ NO BODY IS HERE TO SAVE YOU,ODDS WILL BETRAY YOU”. But I strongly believe in soul mates and they do exist! Every one born as half and there is someone who is other counterpart of you and you have to search him/her. Once you get him/her you will feel complete. I am still in the search of that soul mate!

7. I am a case of shot tirm memory! I usually dont/hate to remember contact number etc. as I think it useless.Mobile hai na!! Then whats the need to remember your contact!! huh???Also if i get some fight with you tomorrow I may meet you next day as if there was nothing happened last day iff(imphasize on double "f") you are my close one!

8. If you are innocent then I will be so with you. And if I find you a kamina person then either I will try to keep myself away from you nai to MUJHE KHUD KO BHI NAI PATA KITNA KAMINA HUUN MAIN!! Another thing is that if I find you innocent and then I find you kamina that means pakka without any complain I will go away from you world.

9. I love gifts. It’s a kind of show off but fir bhi I love gifts! I love to see smile on other’s face on getting pleasant surprise like it!

10. I am old fashioned in many ways but the other side of coin shows me a hyper trendy hot fashioned person. For example if my parents tell me that I must not drink alcohol coz it’s addictive, I will show them no! Alcohol is not addictive. I drank it 2 times and I am not in any addiction (okk! I did commitment to someone not to drink it again and EK BAAR MAINEY COMMITMENT KAR LIYA FIR TO MAIN APNI BHI NAI SOCHTA!!...:P )

11. If I am smiling on you then it never show my real approach towards you! MUJHE KHUDKO BHI NAI PATA KITNA KAMINA HUUN MAIN!(last movie I watched is wanted of salman khan uncle)

12. I am very lazy and very means very very very! Never come to my house without ringing my cellphone(ghar k bahar ghanti khjaraab hai!).Nai to mujhe bhi ni pata what you are going to think about my INTERNATIONAL look. Its 10:15 pm in my laptop and main bina nahaye jockey mein baitha huun subah sey!!Even last day when I was at gym to itni laziness thi that I came back after 20 minutes!Dont ask me whther I studied anything important today or not!

13. You may find me funny in some situation. But if I noticed that you find me funny toh teri to khair nai beta! Itna pakogey k shayad ek baar to you would think to suiside ...hehehe!!

14. I am a very fattu person in college. Without any proxy,I manage to get about 75-80% attendence. Jiss din meri attendence short ho gai to samajh lo no one is going to sit in the exams...:P. Another aspect of the coin is once I go to safe side(75%) and i notice it in lecturers registers then no way k class mein darshan de jauun!!

15. I dont talk too much if you are a starnger and I have no business with you!I can talk my business plus some flirty dialogues if I find you usefull!And I will just talk, talk and talk if you are close to me.

16.I was not that expressive in my life.But suddenly change came and now-a-day some people call me,"tu kuch bhi bol deta hai without thinking whether its going to hurt the another person or not!".

17. My taste of food always change!But one thing for sure,ghar ka khana is irreplasable!

18. I can cook anything(but baad mein you have to clean all utensils...i'l not do that) except roti!

19. I am addicted to these words: cool,hott,dosht,dusht,item,shonumonu,bhindi,kuttey,btw,yippiee.

20. I am addicted to blogging. Not that big addiction but I love to blog! It all started one year back when one of my orkut friend pulkit started blogging. I have not that big aspiration like him to be a writer but I just love writing and poems sometimes!!

21. This extra point is resrved for my latessht picture at chandigarh rock garden.I love photography and photographs.kya main james bond lag raha huun??

P.S.:Thanks for reading this 25th post.I know main kabada kar chuka huun apni be-ijjati ka and also of your precious time.Pehley btaya tha na k mat padhna!!
I hope key next time is blog pe aney se pehley you will think 100 times...:P


Butterfly Thoughts said...

congrats for your 25th post. to aapko kaisa mehsoos ho raha hain apni is safaltha pe:-P. the pic is good but you are not not looking like a james bond... the tag was a bit long so I rushed ina few places. but goo dto know so many things about your self.

Ekam said...

Congrats for 25th post :)

Thanks for the dedication. God bless you :)

paramveer said...

@butterfly...i am RUNning butterflies in my stomach!!...haha....

and i too hate these type of long posts...but for a change of taste...u know!!

paramveer said...

@ekam...thanks for tagging!!

joie de vivre said...

izzat ka kabada!!!!

tera blog ter marzi jo chahe chap yaarr


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

You wrote really well...writing about self is never embarassing....if it is..why dont u change it then? or accept it..its quite easy to say,isnt? Anyways congrats on 25th post...but one more thing ..why are u counting them...

see you around param...:)

paramveer said...

@jeoi de vivre

i wrote "I know main kabada kar chuka huun apni be-ijjati ka and also of your precious time."...hehe

i hope you got me...haha

btw good too see such pretty face on my blog!!...lolz..;)

paramveer said...

@mahesh....despite of being a good engineering student,i m nt that good in i m counting them!!..haha...btw its nt me whoz counting.....its Blog Statistics on right hand of my content! ;)

btw i lv to make fun of myself in front of my frnz....thats why this stylo!!....;)

c you!!!...

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paramveer said...

thx buddy

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