Sunday, October 11, 2009

the proposal

let me dominate you on my dreams,
let me ruin myself for you!
let me fall in passionated love,
let me make you witness of my life!

some heavy strongest wire,
softly connected our mutual heart!
never broken,never loosen,
let me make it more strong!

holding your hand,holding your back,
let me dance with you till the sun downs!
laying near sparking water near river shore,
let me kiss you wildly till night longs!

whatever life will be,my dreams may break,
I shall still wait for you my lover!
to again and again dilute myself,
adorably and fully in you soul!

All those dates,those all days,
let me picture in happy memories!
let me make a propose to you,
will you be the witness of my life!

pic courtsey: littlemissromp


swati said...

:) :) a lovely proposal :)

Dhanya said...

Nice one :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hey..thats a very nice poem param..

Different images, different font colors, different stanza..but all leading to one thing " the proposal :)

very very sweet one :)

Keep blogging :)

Srinivas said...

like the picture-poetry interspersal! :) the blog appearance is very attractive and the lines simple, comprehensible and even soothing! best wishes! :)

Gabriel Gadfly said...

I, on the other hand, dislike the images breaking up the poem -- it makes it difficult to read.

The poem opens strongly, but the third stanza seems weak to me, for some reason. I also question the use of exclamation marks on every 2nd and 4th line of each stanza...why are they there?


nice proposal..
she will accept. for sure.. :)

paramveer said...

thx for liking it!!:)

paramveer said...

@dhanya thx

paramveer said...

@mahesh sindbandge

means using more picture is a gud idea!!.....:)

paramveer said...

i hope u will visit again :)

paramveer said...

exclamation marks are there may be becoz i grown up learning hindi poetry and there they ur it oftenly!!

u should see the picture above 3rd stanze n then imagine while reading it...i hope u will the like it...hehe

still thx for noticing things!!!i like ur way!!

paramveer said...

yeah if there would be any SHE then SHE would surely accept!!:)

amarjit said...

johnny ths proposal is really good...I really liked it..thank u

Anonymous said...
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