Saturday, January 16, 2010

a broken nib

The atmosphere inside the room had been very suffocating for Meera for last one hour. Haphazard thoughts were striking all through her mind.On the verge of agony, she came out of his room and went over the crown part of the house. Sky was looking more than dark, as if lost in some mysteries unable to resolve. But life is more conflicting than this darkest sky tonight. It was the last fight with Karan. She wouldn't make another fight ever with him,there must be an end of every harshness.

11:30 am:
"i dont want to pile on bt cnt u send 1 smly? :)"
It was her usual way of talking with him and even in the situation of conflicts, they used to send smileys to each other as text messages to somehow show that their love is more stronger than these all uncertainties.
* no answer.

1:00 pm:
"shweetu, where r u?"
*still no answer.

6:00 pm:
"kya tu kbi mje smily ni send karega ab?"
*"i am busy somewhere, talk to you later"

after one hour:
"bta na?"
*no answer.

"thk h :("

after another one hour
"kya koi itney din tak aisey behave karta h?
What's my fault?tel me?
kya tu abi ni send kar sakta smily?

i want smilies

i want smilies

i want smilies
i want smilies"
*"u want smilies....
got now?"

gandi smilies kyuu bheji.........bta na.
do you want me to flow tears?....bta na...itney din tak!!!"

She was really in tears for the last 1 hours.It was her daily routine for the last one week when he left her.
*"go to hell"
"abi meri sans fast ho rahi h....ek smily mangi thi, i hate you!"
There was no messaging after that.Meera had made her phone in sleeping mode.She used to call it sleepy mode because it neither vibrate no ring on any call or message as if it is sleeping. She always used to do so whenever feel like shattered!
But after ten minutes she again watched her phone in some hope.
"I hate you too.goodbye!"

when the suffering had crossed its limit, every random thought became silent.There was some blood sheds in the garden thereafter near a body with massive injuries over the head and the plastic hut above the backyard was broken like Karan had broken the heart of Meera!

Room was still suffocated by a diary on study table with a broken nib above it and ink splitting on the wall in front of.

jan 15,2010:
11:00 pm I still love you!

P.S.:kuch aisey hi......:(
P.P.S.: I came to one interesting site while searching for picture for the post: . know your date of death here ;) ;)


Sorcerer said...


nice one!

paramveer said...

hope you liked!

anushree said...

i really liked the pic. the concept aswell good work
take care

paramveer said...

thx for liking!!..hope 2 see u again! :)

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