Sunday, January 10, 2010

out of focus: minor project report

In the fifth semester of engineering we need to submit a minor project report that we had made during summer training.So I am posting my project report here just to give my juniors some idea and also for those who just love to enjoy not making any project at all and want so called "paki pakai khichdii". ;)

The project is minor and is based on "railway reservation system" and may contain many things that can be added further.

link to railway reservation minor project using core java

P.S.: now you guys know why I am so irregular on bloggers. Its study study study many times.:( Still I would like blogging whenever get time.So support me even if I am so unbalanced blogger :).


WarmSunshine said...

you have a neat place over here :)

good luck with your studies! will keep visitin'

paramveer said...

thanks warmSunshine :)

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