Saturday, June 26, 2010

IIT Entrance Exam Reforms:better coming late

About 4.5 lakh students fighting for around 10000 seats. Seems like a great skirmish! Even Mahatma Gandhi would have not done so much tapasya in his life that students do to crack IIT. I skipped the IIT entrance exam because  I have not joined any coaching institute and I was positive enough that I would not be able to make it. Thats what happen with not only me but many scholars who don't belong to either wealthy class where family can afford good tuitions or as in my case, to a rural background without any awareness about IITs and even AIEEE exams!

In February this year IIT-JEE reform commission was set up under the guidance of Dr. Damodar Acharya, Director IIT Kharagpur and now its recommendations are in front of IIT-JEE council for giving official consent and implementation.The much awaited reforms in the examination patterns will impose following positive changes for sure:
1. IITs were not happy with the abilities of students who got admitted. Most of them join after getting tough coaching in the coaching institutions.They know how to grasp the books but the analytical reasoning and communication skills got nosedived in most of the students.Premier institutions like IITs must be a place for those students who are brighter than brightest in India i.e. there is a dire need of not only knowing mathematical or chemistry or physics equations but also imagination to create something new in the global world and basic knowledge of humanity subjects.Hope the new criteria which will not only consider JEE but also marks student obtained in XII standard. JEE will be more based on analytical reasoning skill based examination rather than current orthodox pattern.It will surely make it possible that only the best will get it.
2. It will make ensure that students attend their school classes regularly as compared to tuitions and coaching classes. School education is very important for everyone whether he/she has to crack IIT or making it to some other graduation course. The very knowledge of subjects other than Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics makes students understand sciences and arts better which is very important in today's dynamic world.
3. Neutralization of the fact that only high heel society children get admission in premier institute is needed for a long time.Hope the new pattern will favour the bright child of a poor or rural family to see the IIT in reality.

I hope the new recommendations get implemented as soon as possible so that the brightest and the best  talent gets what they deserve.

P.S.: There should be some filtering plans inside such that if a student is unable to meet the rigor standards of IIT then he/she will get demoted first tier engineering college to any other engineering college and on the other hand students doing good job in any engineering college will be promoted to the first tier institutes like IITs during their graduating years.
P.P.S:About 60 years of IITs(IIT Kharagpur was the first one established in 1950) and not a single noble award winner. Im astonished on premiership of IITs!!


Ayesha Parveen said...

Well-written, thought-provoking article.
Best wishes.

Sneha said...

never thought like this.:)

very well written and thought provoking post.:)

keep writing.

paramveer said...

thanks :)

thanks for appreciating my thoughts.

gangaram said...

hey really nice......
present students are confined to job and earning money.......

may the officials look into this..

gangaram said...

hey really nice...
the present students are just thinking of job and money..getting a job may b possible even through a ordinary engineering college...

may officials think it over..

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