Wednesday, June 23, 2010

videos download

This article is for my naive friends who feel it a mind numbing process to download videos from youtube or any internet sites or who dont have any idea.But there is nothing to be worried. main hoon naa!(I am here!).  So lets see what you people can do.

Go to and look for following Mozilla firefox add-ons as described in the picture below:
Add-on 1:
Add-on 2:

I am a great fan of both of these yet second add-on sometimes does better jobs!

Option2: is a fine site(I am not saying trusted always!)
Another website that can be used is
You must have latest JRE version installed on your machine first to use these sites which is freely available through sun microsystems website!

Watchout this video :P
So happy video downloading!


Sneha said...

Thanks for sharing the information but i think if you use 'Real Player'
You wouldn't require Addons.:)

paramveer said...

hey sneha
i'l check out ur suggestion soon. last time i used real player, it was un-convenient due to internet speed.

thx dear :)

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