Saturday, March 10, 2012

Naive Chants on Politics:on Uttar Pradesh Election Results

“My government will implement all the promises made in the SP manifesto without discrimination of caste and religion because people cutting across all castes and religions have given a mandate to the party.”
After Samajwadi Party conquered elections in Uttar Pradesh, these were the words of Akhilesh Yadav who will swear in as the next Chief Minister (CM) of Uttar Pradesh on 15th March. He is known to convert the face of Samajwadi Party from being a party dependent on muslim and Yadav vote banks for its own development to a party which is young and is ready to fulfil the demand of development of the the most populated state (Uttar Pradesh) of republic of India.

Mulayam Singh Yadav- father of Akhileish Yadav and the founder of Samajwadi party- can be termed as one of the
Crime Ministers and opportunist leaders of his times. Crime minister because to win hearts of his muslim vote bank, he allegedly ordered firing on protesters in Ayodhya in 1990 which claimed life of more than 100 Hindus. Opportunist, because firstly he used anti-Maya environment in his favor in precise way, secondly, he himself wanted to discourage computers in offices and English language in schools during Parliament elections of 2009, while in manifesto for 2012
elections of Uttar Pradesh, SP promised to distribute free tablets for students.

But in all sense, agenda of development of SP is looking better than Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), specially points regarding land acquisition, transference , infrastructure Work in Progress completion etc.On the other hand, with the defeat of (BSP) in state elections of
Uttar Pradesh, the 10 year long rule of so called the Social engineer came to an end. But BSP still does not bother to change its mentality that only caste-based politics is not enough, neither is the enough to throwing Ganga-jal on its corrupt governance just before elections. Even the act of throwing “tainted” MLAs out of contest in election went against BSP as many of them won the elections or helped BSP’s vote share decrease. They need to correct the apparent reasons which caused their seats to get reduced to 80 in 2012 from 206 in 2007. The reason why SP has won election by such huge margin seems to be against the classic UP case where, we had seen voters divided on the basis of caste. It must be noted that both the parties whether it was BSP or SP used to play this identity based politic card in the past. All social engineering tactic of Mayawati was based on the fact that Dalits would favour her. The so called social engineer, Mayawati is still not accepting the fact that more people are voting on the basis of performance rather than the identity of candidate. Her claim that Muslims votes had been shifted to SP because of fear of BJP, represents her same old school mentality. Even SP's old time favorites were muslim and Yadavs, but it changed its strategy according to time's opportunity.

Clearly, this time things went in other way and people have voted for the promise of development. BSP in 2007 election came out with motto of 'Sarvajan Sukhaye, Sarvajan Hitaye”, But within a year Mayawati had starting chanting her Prime Minister dreams by saying “Can’t a dalit’s daughter become the Prime Minister of India?”.I hope Akhilesh Yadav’s words would be more credible as compared to Mayawati’s rants.

Theory says when people chose their leaders looking beyond identity, quality of work done by government increases. It eventually leads to the overall development of the state. We have seen it previously in the case of Bihar and I wish, the newly elected government in Uttar Pradesh would consider the overall development of 202.83 million headcounts of the state.

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