Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hurting sharpnel

Some pictures,
wrapped in shawls of time
went on saying me something again.
Wounded my heart coldly;
and then put an ointment also
- to finally burying the longing it had once

What intriguing was that enigma;
one, which baffled me to leave it.
Heard someone have resolved it later on;
And I've absorbed this atrocity of life too.
Now only hurting shrapnel are left inside heart
- the last relic of my beloved’s heart!

Who I adored is not the holy God;
Or my myriads prayers are undeserving?
So this is how you didn’t ruffle yourself;
And we did never reunite;
I fear waste of my desolate life,
While musing over this thought.

Countless times I described it;
This entire world knows the solemnity of this.
But who knows lovely fort of love
had long before devastated!
And all the broken bricks,
are weighing heavily on my shoulders.

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